Mitchell Trubisky
(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The lengths people will go to when attempting to defend Mitchell Trubisky is truly baffling. I mean, what the hell is there to defend at this point? We are halfway through Trubisky’s fourth NFL season and the former No.2 overall pick has been benched for Nick Foles. A Ryan Fitzpatrick equivalent that got hot for two games, those games just so happened to be the NFC Championship and Super Bowl. So when I see someone say Matt Nagy is the issue, I can’t help but laugh.

So when I saw this, you better believe I laughed my ass off and fell out of my chair. What made this even better was THIS tweet that Erik Lambert posted in response to a comment about his article.

I’m sorry, what the hell are you talking about? Trubisky was the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, he didn’t deserve it but he still was. The whole argument about the scheme being “too complicated” or “overwhelming” doesn’t fly in the NFL. If you’re an NFL quarterback, especially the second overall pick, then you better be able to run and understand any scheme you get. Get this elementary school shit out of here.

Hell, Mitchell Trubisky had to shut off all the T.Vs last year because he was so mentally weak at handling criticism. So now the answer automatically becomes to baby him? Nope, that won’t work in the NFL. A simple scheme will be figured out in a heartbeat, look at the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson is whining about how other teams know their plays, it’s because the system is meant to make life easy for a quarterback. That’s the very same reason as to why Lamar Jackson stinks in big games when trailing. Babying a quarterback will never lead to actual success, some guys just can’t get it done.

People who defend Mitchell Trubisky are simply insane. There’s nothing to defend, and using Matt Nagy as a scapegoat won’t help the fact that your team sucks. Sorry, that’s just the truth.

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