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Call of Duty Finally Announces An Anti-Cheat for Warzone + More

When one of the most successful video game franchises of all time decides to go all in and make a Battle Royale game, it should be good. And it was, for a while, but the entire time there was one huge issue looming: Cheaters. Well, things have finally changed, and there is now going to be an anti-cheat system for Warzone.

It has been a rough 2021 for the folks over at Activision. Aside from what is going on at their corporate offices, some of the biggest gaming creators like NickMercs have quit playing their game because of the cheaters. He quit the game that elevated his YouTube channel to one of the best because he could not finish one game without dying due to someone shooting him from across the map because he paid $10.

The More

The other part of the news from Call of Duty was the announcement of a new Warzone map. This is another huge win for players of the game. Implementing a new map is a great way to keep content fresh and bring new players into the game. Fortnite changed its map constantly over time, but Warzone is going with an entirely new map all at once.

I just hope this new map isn’t the same as the last “new map,” which was the old map just covered in grass. If they pull some shit like that again, no chance I ever play it again.


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