Call of Duty Warzone
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Call of Duty Warzone Has Officially Run Its Course

Call of Duty Warzone took over the video game sphere during quarantine as it became the most popular battle royal seemingly overnight. I was holding off on writing this article because the Season 5 update came out late last night and I was hoping for massive changes to the game. I was a fool for thinking Activision and Raven Software actually care about this game. I proposed a number of changes for the game, but at this point, I am just wasting my breath. It pains me to say this, but Call of Duty Warzone is dead.

Hacking Problem Has Not Been Fixed

The biggest problem in Warzone is the cheating and lack of an anti-cheat. Many streamers, including NickMercs, have quit the game because of the hacking problem. Activision is a billion-dollar company and they can’t implement an anti-cheat. The hot new FPS game, Splitgate, which was created by four developers had an anti-cheat in the beta version of the game. It is pathetic and kind of sad how little they care about Warzone.

Season 5 Updates Were Terrible

As for the season five patch notes, they were a joke. Like myself, everyone was hoping for an anti-cheat, but we all knew that was not going to happen. Raven Software is just toying with us at this point as one of the new perks added in Season 5 literally gives you wallhacks. The new combat scout perk highlights an enemy through walls once you do damage to them. It also “live pings,” the enemy for your teammates, which you can also see through walls. It seems like they are patronizing us at this point, we ask for an anti-cheat, and they give us a perk that essentially gives you hacks.

I hate to break it to you, Raven Software, but adding a new SMG every season that people are not going to use is not what people want. This outlines a bigger problem in the game as there are only about four viable guns you can use. The Krig-6 and C58 paired with an MP5 0r Mac 10 are really the only guns you can use if you want to have a chance at winning.

Game Has Become So Stale

This game has been out for almost two years and the maps are completely the same. Verdansk got a new look in Season 4, but there have not been any physical changes to the map. The only map changes that have been made were on Rebirth Island, and all they did was change the construction area to control center. I only play Rebirth Island, but a new Verdansk map might bring players like myself back to the original game mode.

Finally, the camping in Warzone has never been worse. It is the main reason the only fun game mode, Rebirth Island, has been ruined. Even in a mode where you respawn, kids camp the whole game treating it like Verdansk. Camping has always and forever will be a problem when it comes to battle royal modes, but I have never seen it ruin a game like it has Warzone. Combine that with the hacking problem, and every game ends with you dying to a kid sitting in a corner or getting hacked on.

Most players have switched to games like Apex Legends and Splitgate. Honestly, I don’t blame them. Warzone has become stale, and it is clear Raven Software does not care about the state of the game. I would say do better Raven Software, but it seems like a waste of time at this point. Warzone, it has been real, and you will be missed.


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