buy low/sell high
After a dominant week 3 performance, Ja’Marr Chase makes this week’s buy low/sell high list. (AP Photo/Jeff Dean)

Buy Low/Sell High Players In 2021 Fantasy Football Week 3

Week 3 is in the books of the 2021 NFL season. We saw some studs put up duds such as DeAndre Hopkins, as well some surprising high scorers like Mike Williams. Taking advantage of up and down weeks of players is key to making strong trades in fantasy football. I’ll be going over some players you should buy low/sell high on in fantasy football.

Buy low

Josh Jacobs

This is an easy choice for me. Odds are that Josh Jacobs was drafted within the first five rounds of your fantasy football draft. Therefore, he’s likely a starter on that person’s roster as they lose their second week straight that Jacobs missed due to injury. The nature of Josh Jacobs’s injury means he’ll likely be back next week so you’ll be able to start him immediately. Not only that, but the Las Vegas offense is humming right now. Derek Carr is putting up MVP numbers after their 3-0 start. Putting up an average of 30 points to start the season means there are going to be plenty more scoring opportunities going forward. Leading to more red zone touches for Josh Jacobs. Chase the touchdowns with the top running back on a high-scoring offense. Trading for Josh Jacobs is a no-brainer.

Allen Robinson

Trading for Allen Robinson will be very easy. I’m not as confident in Robinson going forward, but his ceiling is high. Justin Fields looked disastrous in his first NFL start being sacked 9 times. However, he looked Robinson’s way multiple times with 6 targets. I among others believe in the potential of Fields and the immense talent of Allen Robinson. If they put it together you’ll be sorry you missed out on this opportunity. I would say don’t put all your eggs in this basket though, try moving some bench pieces for Allen Robinson. Just know that his price will never be lower than it is now.

Sell High

James Robinson

In terms of all the players to buy low/sell high on, I feel strongest about selling James Robinson. He had a great day totaling 134 yards including 6 catches and a touchdown. He was heavily involved in a game where Jacksonville gave the Cardinals a run for their money. Unfortunately, they won’t be leading any games like they did today anytime soon. I still am not a believer in Urban Meyer developing Trevor Lawrence and the offense will struggle because of it. There won’t be many red-zone opportunities for this offense, and who’s to say Carlos Hyde won’t steal a few touches? I think you could get high value by shipping off James Robinson to a running back needy team.

Ja’Marr Chase

This one hurts to put on here. I think Ja’Marr Chase is a tremendous up-and-coming NFL receiver. But what he’s done so far is unsustainable and just won’t keep happening. For three weeks straight Chase has caught a 50+ yard touchdown salvaging some otherwise disappointing fantasy days. In week 3 against the Steelers, Chase caught two touchdowns giving him some high value going into week 4. Alpha receiver Tee Higgins was nursing a shoulder injury this week, and once he’s back next week Chase will take a step back in the pecking order. Contrary to Allen Robinson above, Chase’s value may never be higher than it is now. If you can move him for a Josh Jacobs, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Trading in fantasy football can make or break your season. If you can take advantage of when to buy low/sell high on a player, you’ll be putting yourself in a significantly better advantage as the season goes on, ideally to a fantasy football championship.