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Jim Irsay: ‘Harder To Depend On’ Unvaccinated Players Like Wentz

According to Colts Owner Jim Irsay, it would be a lot easier to trust guys like Carson Wents if he were vaccinated. In an interview with Fox59 in Indianapolis, Irsay was discussing Wentz’s status for this weekend’s game against the Tennessee Titans, since he was coming off two ankle sprains. Irsay threw out a little comment about the “difficulties” this team has had.

Full quote via NYPost.com:

“I know he wants to go. I know how hard he’s worked. I know he’s respected in the locker room and all those sorts of things. But he has to stay healthy. Nobody’s hiding behind the M.O. of the past. … Since we came here and have been going through the bumps we’ve gone through, there’s been difficulties. It also makes it difficult if you’re not vaccinated, because it’s harder to depend on someone if they’re not vaccinated. They have freedom of choice and we understand that, but we’re hoping he can come back and play well.”

Here is the video where he discusses the Wentz vaccination “difficulties”.

Wentz, 28, has played in all 16 games just twice during his first five NFL seasons with the Eagles. He suffered a Torn ACL during the 2017 NFL season during an MVP-like campaign before going down. Wentz was benched late last season for then Rookie Jalen Hurts.

To be vaccinated or be against is your prerogative, this is not the platform to debate that. And it is one thing to be public about it either way. But to have your boss, the owner of the team you play for and that brought you in at our lowest in your career shit talk you to the national media can’t feel good if you’re Carson Wentz. What Jim Irsay was thinking here I don’t know. With the Colts being on an in-season version of Hard Knocks, I would LOVE to hear some of the talk around the team about this.

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