Devin White
The Buccaneers aren’t just getting a good football player with Devin White. They are getting a great person too. Bruce Arians is fired up about it. (Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports)

Devin White was my favorite player in the 2019 NFL Draft. That’s no secret if you have been following my draft posts throughout the process. He just checks every single box. Tampa Bay took Devin White with the 5th pick in the Draft. If I wasn’t already all in on the Bucs before, I really am now. Starting jumping on that Buccaneers’ bandwagon now before it’s too late.

Bruce Arians gave his thoughts on the Devin White pick. He knew 6 weeks ago that White was their guy:

“The tape speaks for itself,” Arians said of White. “People say we need a pass rusher? He’s pretty good at that. And we do like to blitz up the middle, and quarterbacks don’t like pressure up the middle. He fits everything we want as a human being and a football player. I couldn’t be more excited. I probably said six weeks ago, ‘This is our guy.’”

Tampa Bay did well here. Arians said something that’s really important. White isn’t just an awesome football player. He’s a great person too. That’s all I’ve been reading leading up to the draft that White’s character traits were off the charts. Devin White is the most complete player in the draft. A+ Coverage ability, elite speed, great instincts, high production, scary blitzer. This guy has it all.

I love Tampa Bay this year. The Bucs have always had talent. They just had a moron coaching them. Now the Bucs have even more talent with great coaching. Todd Bowles will improve the defense. Bruce Arians will make the offense a hell of a lot more efficient. Take the over on the Buccaneers win total in 2019.