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Browns Offseason Needs NFL 2022: Free Agency And Draft Preview

Browns Offseason Needs

Browns Offseason Needs
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield throws during the first half of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021, in Cleveland. (David Richard/AP)

Browns Offseason Needs NFL 2022: Free Agency And Draft Preview

The Browns have had one of the more talented rosters in the league but always fail to just take that next step of being a legitimate threat in the league. The Browns should be feared, but at the same time, they always hurt themselves to not be feared. The AFC North is becoming as competitive as it can be. The only way the Browns compete is to not hurt themselves. The only team stopping the Browns is the Browns. With more than $50 million in cap space, still a very talented roster, what is stopping the Browns from making some noise next year in 2022? Nothing, they can do it. They have to. But, let’s dissect what they have to do by addressing the Browns offseason needs.

Browns Free Agency

To start out in free agency, they can address the Browns offseason needs by retaining their talented guys and filling what they don’t have. For them, their focus should be re-signing their DEs in Jadeveon Clowney and Takkarist McKinley. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to re-sign Chris Hubbard either. As far as signing players, they have to convince some quality guys to come to play WR for this group. Whatever your feelings on Baker, he needs weapons in the receiving corps. When Jarvis Landry isn’t having the best game, you can’t rely on Davis People-Jones to save you. Let’s get some quality guys here. I think if they can sign 2 guys out of this group they will be in business: JuJu, Christian Kirk, DJ Chark, Russell Gage, Michael Gallup or Chris Godwin (for next year), Zach Pascal, Mike Williams, Will Fuller, Allen Robinson, or some other options, this team will have some decent weapons for Baker. Baker is seemingly overstaying his welcome, setting him or his replacement up with weapons will help you make that decision. With the QB class sucking this year, Browns can wait to make a QB decision next year if they get weapons for Baker and he fails to perform. On the defensive side, if the Browns can’t re-sign Clowney and McKinley, this is a good time to find some other talent. This free agency has plenty EDGE talent to go around. The Browns have the finances to explore other options if they can’t re-sign their guys.

Browns Draft

Let the Browns be flashy in the draft is the move for this Browns offseason needs post. After years of making foundational picks, it’s time to be excited to be a Browns fan and that includes their draft. I just mentioned how the Browns need to spend some money to get a WR, I’m not done yet though. Go draft a WR in this very deep class. WR is one of their glaring holes, with a stout WR all around, they can be splashy and give the Browns something to be excited about with their shiny new toy. I would say, considering the Browns drafting position, they can nab either one of the Ohio State studs in Garrett Wilson or Chris Olave. If not them, Drake London or Treylon Burks are decent picks too. The Browns can afford it and they absolutely should.

In the 2nd round, the Browns have a few more options to choose from. Maybe they don’t re-sign Hubbard and want to bolster their OL with a guard or a tackle. Maybe they go EDGE if they don’t take advantage of the free agency class, maybe they look to help the interior defensive line with a DT. They certainly have their choices. They just need to take the best available talent at those positions that drop to them. OL could be Trevor Penning, Charles Cross, Lecitus Smith, Ed Ingram, Jarrett Patterson, or Alec Lindstrom. EDGE could be guys like Myjal Sanders, Drake Jackson or Nik Bonitto. Maybe Devonte Wyatt or Phidadrian Mathis drops to them at DT. They have their options. They should have the same mentality in the 3rd round as well. As long as it’s one of those positions, let’s get the best one that is available at that time. They might even nab some WRs in these rounds and take advantage of the deep class. 

The Browns are close, they are being edged from being relevant and consistent in the postseason. Whether Baker Mayfield is the problem or not, the Browns should focus on bolstering this roster and filling the very little holes they have. If Baker Mayfield doesn’t get them over the hump, any QB they bring in that might be better than Baker should be set. At this rate, it is inevitable that the Browns should be good for at least a little while. They need it, their fan base needs it, the city of Cleveland needs it. Just keep progressing.

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