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Broncos Offseason Needs NFL 2022: Free Agency And Draft Preview

Broncos Offseason Needs
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Broncos Offseason Needs NFL 2022: Free Agency And Draft Preview

The Broncos have been competitive all season long, but there’s just so much uncertainty here with the team, how can you address it? Vic Fangio is gone, and with John Elway, there’s a chance he overreaches on a QB. Maybe it’s not THAT much uncertainty, seeing as the roster should stay mostly intact, but the coaching and Elway hanging over their head issue should be a little concerning and can change many decisions for the Broncos. However, they do have a lot of cap space to work with, maybe this is a situation that will work in their favor to address the Broncos offseason needs.

First, the Broncos have JUST hired their new Head Coach in Nathaniel Hackett, former OC from the Packers. That shows you the direction they might want to go as far as addressing the Broncos offseason needs.

After that, the new head coach has a decent starting point for his new team. The Broncos have plenty of cap space to play with in free agency. With close to $50 million in cap and only a few guys that they should make a priority to re-sign. The rest is to use at their discretion. They must try to re-sign Courtland Sutton, Kareem Jackson, and Kyle Fuller. After that, it’s go time. First, let’s address the QB situation. No, it’s not ideal, but I have to ask Broncos fans (and John Elway if I’m being honest) to be patient. No Teddy Bridgewater isn’t the best, neither is Drew Lock, neither is half the other guys in free agency this year. But, there’s no reason to reach and overpay for a QB that will be a short-term solution. The Broncos have a solid foundation on their roster, waiting for the right guy will work wonders for them. So in free agency, let’s avoid spending big on a QB, find guys that will compete for cheap and can play a little while waiting for your QB of the future. At RB, if you haven’t been paying attention, Javonte Williams is and will be the next lead back for the Broncos, so Denver is completely okay with letting Melvin Gordon walk. They’ll look for a cheaper backup RB and press on. After the Broncos re-sign Courtland Sutton, this WR corps is okay, no need to make changes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best free agency for OL. The Broncos can try, but they should overpay for guys just to spend money. But, on the defensive side, this is where the Broncos can be dangerous. Bolstering up the defensive side, like at EDGE should scare the shit out of the rest of the NFL. It might not matter who the Broncos put at QB if their defense is the best in the NFL. That’s the ceiling for this group. They have the money to spend on all 3 levels on defense and put the best defensive product out on the field. If the Broncos decide to use their money on defense, look out NFL.

Broncos Draft

In the draft is where the Broncos can address more of their offensive needs. They have a 1st, 2 2nds, and 2 3rds to work with here. Very promising. In the 1st round, they should be thinking Tackle. There’s plenty of 1st round talent at OT and Denver should take advantage and grab the best one they can. That might be Evan Neal, Charles Cross, Ikem Ekwonu, Nicholas Petit-Frere, or Trevor Penning. The Broncos will really luck out if Kenyon Green drops to them, he’s the best guard in this class, and nabbing him and addressing OT later on in the draft would be perfect. 

No Broncos fans, I haven’t forgotten about QB. The plan for this draft at QB is to get one of the top 4 QBs in the 2nd round, or none at all. Meaning, getting either Matt Corral, Kenny Pickett, Desmond Ridder, or Malik Willis in the 2nd round, or none at all. None of these guys is 1st round QB talent, but they all can play at the next level. If none of these guys fall to you, fine, fill another hole. In free agency and in the draft, this QB class sucks and it’s better to be patient than making a mistake here. I think Ridder or Willis has a chance to be here in the 2nd round. But if they’re not, I like the idea of doubling up on OL (after we settled for defense in free agency) and getting a guy like Zion Johnson or Ed Ingram. That gives you a new OT and OG right off the back if the Broncos don’t pick a QB in the 2nd. However, I definitely can see the Broncos taking a QB 1st round though.

That doesn’t mean I am completely against drafting defense in the draft for the Broncos offseason needs. Around the time the Broncos are ready to make their 2nd pick in the 2nd round is where we can start looking at defensive picks. They should go the best player available on the defensive side. That could be Nik Bonitto, Brandon Smith, Darrian Beavers, hell, there might be some solid CB talent on the board with Roger McCreary or Derion Kendrick. The possibilities are endless for the Broncos with this much defensive talent lurking. 

In the 3rd round, the Broncos have a lot of options, and it really depends on who falls to them. There’s much better safety talent once you get to the 3rd round, LB is richer in the 3rd as well. You can be a part of the deep WR class as well and get your piece of it in the 3rd. Dare I say, more OL in the 3rd as well? It’s hard to predict who will be available exactly, but as far as value in the 3rd, those positions should have it. 

The Broncos can be VERY close to contending in the AFC West and the AFC as a whole. I hate to say they’re almost a QB away, but they’re steadily heading towards that range. They have to be patient. This QB class in free agency has decent backup QBs but no game-changers. This NFL draft is kind of the same thing. I’m not opposed to the Broncos drafting a QB, but it has to be the right time. Taking 1 in the 1st is just a bad idea and bad value. It completely sounds like a John Elway move. Vic Fangio had overstayed his welcome just a tad too much because I don’t think the Broncos are far off with plenty of decent draft picks and cap space to work with to address the Broncos Offseason needs. The goal for this Broncos team is to be in that “Just a QB away” range. Next year is already looking up to be a much better option at QB. If they can wait that long, the Broncos just might be back in business here.

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