2022 NFL Black Monday
We’re tracking all the major firings from the 2022 NFL Black Monday period. Who got fired on this glorious annual NFL event following the regular season? (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

2022 NFL Black Monday Tracker

The regular season is officially over and that usually means people are getting fired. 2022 NFL Black Monday is upon and plenty of people have already lost their jobs. This post will serve as a tracker and will be updated throughout the day to track all the major firings across the league. Let’s get to it.

Denver Broncos: (Vic Fangio)

This one technically happened a day early with Denver playing Week 18 on a Saturday. Fangio ran a very functional defense in Denver. The Broncos ranked 8th in yards allowed and third in points allowed. It wasn’t enough for the defensive mastermind to keep his job. The offense is broken and the Broncos will be on the hunt for their next franchise quarterback.

News reported by NFL Network.

Chicago Bears: (Ryan Pace / Matt Nagy)

This one felt like only a matter of time. Justin Fields showed talent but not progression. After a 6-11 season, it was time to pull the plug on this duo. Nagy did show flashes as a coach. He was creative enough to get Mitch Trubisky to the playoffs. However, the offense was stale and has been for quite some time.

The man responsible for drafting Trubisky, Ryan Pace, probably should have been fired the second he turned that card into the commissioner’s office.

News reported by ESPN.

Minnesota Vikings: (Rick Spielman / Mike Zimmer)

The Vikings have been stuck in the middle for a long time. The Kirk Cousins thing stinks. Rick Spielman has some big hits in the draft but it’s mostly a middle of the pack roster. Zimmer is respected but it’s probably time for a new voice. The man can coach but the Vikings either need to turn the corner or suck bad enough to get a new quarterback. Zimmer kept them in the middle.

News reported by ESPN.

Miami Dolphins: (Brian Flores)

This one was a shocker. Flores is a respected defensive mind. Miami put together an unreal defense that’s really not as talented as the stats indicate. However, the offense was a real problem and Flores likely exacerbated those issues with frequent odd coaching decisions. We’re going to find out who the real problem was in Miami.

News reported by ESPN.