Garrett Whitlock
Brian Cashman is sad that Alex Cora made fun of him for stealing Garrett Whitlock. Cashman is really upset people keep making fun of him. (Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox)

Brian Cashman Is Sad Alex Cora Made Fun Of Him About Garrett Whitlock

We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has been made fun of a lot by the fans and media. Letting Garrett Whitlock go for free to his most hated rival may take the cake. It turned out to be such a horrendous mistake that Red Sox manager Alex Cora even made fun of him for it.

At the general managers’ meetings, Cashman told the Globe’s Alex Speier that Alex Cora would occasionally rib him about Whitlock. The Yankees’ GM didn’t see the humor. “I wasn’t laughing at those jokes,” he said.

“I said, ‘Some teams are going to have some big-time mistakes,’” Cashman said. “And obviously, it turned out that it came back to bite us. He was rehabbing from Tommy John and the player that arrived Day One in spring training wasn’t the player that left us. It was just a completely different animal with a lot more juice on his velo … Boston obviously took advantage of it. And they wound up with a gem. So kudos to them and disappointment for us.”

Turns out the mistake was made by Cashman. Whitlock wasn’t just good. The Sox tall right handed reliever was a legit rookie of the year candidate. Whitlock, 25, posted a 1.96 ERA in 73.1 innings. Whitlock was a deadly multi inning reliever for Boston and I’m not sure the Sox make the postseason without him.

Boston plans to turn Tanner Houck and Whitlock into starters for this upcoming season. Joel Sherman of the NY Post recently pointed out that if that were to come to fruition, the Whitlock nightmare would somehow become an even bigger laughing stock for the Yankees.

In slight fairness to Cashman, Whitlock did undergo Tommy John surgery, but I’m not sure he gets a pass for this one considering he DFA’d Nathan Eovaldi who has also come back to bite him in a Red Sox uniform. Weird irony, huh.