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BREAKING: Chickster Adds Garrett Burroughs To Management Team


BREAKING: Chickster Adds Garrett Burroughs To Management Team

Chickster is adding best friend and underrated mentor, Garrett Burroughs, to his management team to mentor Mateo Rives. Garrett Burroughs recently lost his intern, Johan Abdu, due to Abdu being a cookie-cutter (soft), thus relieving Garrett from mentor duties. Johan did not agree with how the company was run and did not agree with the latest intern video. Of course, Abdu knows best despite the fact that this company is growing at an astronomical rate, but of course, we’re the dumb ones.

Regardless, Chickster did not want to waste the potential to have another mind that has basically mastered SEO to help mentor very promising hockey mind Mateo Rives. “The Stache” is just now starting out but he is determined to be great. Chickster is hoping the addition of Garrett Burroughs will only help Mateo progress further towards being a staple at Vendetta.

Garrett determined to get back on his feet, was willing to help long-time best friend in helping to mentor a writer we have high hopes about. Garrett was picking later in the draft and it left him with not many choices. This intern draft class has not been ideal to start out. All the mentors are hoping that the interns will be able to max out their potential as far as their departments go. Garrett looks to be part of the winning team to help increase his value as a mentor in the next draft and increase his draft position so he doesn’t get stuck with a cookie-cutter like he did this draft.

An unprecedented move in the inaugural season of the Intern draft. Chickster continues to set trends and make wrinkles in the always unconventional Vendetta Sports Media. Will this move work and Mateo Rives becomes the best intern in this draft? Time will only tell.


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