Bray Wyatt

WWE Has Released Bray Wyatt

Sigh. I hate having to write these articles. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Vince McMahon and WWE make the decisions they do. We covered the last slew of cuts the WWE made and those made no sense, but man this one is a head-scratcher. Today, the WWE announced they released Bray Wyatt from his contract. Obviously, we don’t know all the behind-the-scenes stuff, but I would have tin imagine this cut will not go over well with the IWC (Internet Wrestling Committee). With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the potential landing spots for Wyatt.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

You can make the argument that AEW is the best wrestling promotion going today. Their roster is absolutely stacked with talent, and they seem to have their fingers on the pulse of what fans want to see. Their storylines right now are electric and are always rumored to be picking up massive free agents (looking at you Daniel Bryan and CM Punk). In my opinion, however, I don’t feel that Bray Wyatt would be a great fit in AEW. The roster is always filled to the brim and if he wants to keep his Fiend gimmick, I just don’t see that really fitting with what they are going for. But I can see him going there because that is the last promotion his long-time friend Brodie Lee worked on before his untimely passing. We miss you, Brodie.

Ring Of Honor

*Side note before we continue, I am not adding Impact because it appears right now they are working in connection with AEW so he would be featured on their show eventually anyway*

The one thing Ring Of Honor is really lacking right now is a world-beater…or an eater of worlds perhaps. Bandido is great for what he is, but I can’t see him being a sustainable champion for the promotion. If I am ROH, I am backing the brinks trucks to Bray Wyatt’s household and giving him whatever he wants. If you debut him and strap the belt to him, push him to the moon, and watch how quickly the company rises with him as our champion. Plus, I can see The Fiend fitting in there as a mega heel.

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)

This is my pick for where I would like to see him go. I know that typically you don’t see a ton of American wrestlers make the transition over to Japan, aside from Jon Moxley most recently and Chris Jericho, but if Bray Wyatt cut himself out of his gimmick and was just The Fiend, all I see is dollar signs. Plus, I feel like Wyatt could pick up strong style very easily and make it his own. The dream matches we could see over there would bring a lot of eyes towards their product and only help their growth in the United States.

Bray Wyatt will be sorely missed in WWE and by their fans. His Fiend gimmick is arguably one of the best on this new era of pro wrestling we are in, and his absence will be missed on their shows. But the future for Wyatt is so bright and I know wherever he ends up signing, he will make a massive impact and be a star in whatever promotion he ends up in. I can’t wait to see it.

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