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WWE Releases: Predicting Where The Recent Releases Sign

WWE Releases

Braun Strowman
Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Where Do The Recent WWE Releases Sign?

Every year, WWE has something called “Black Monday” where they basically purge their roster of wrestlers who they don’t think they need anymore. More often than not, said wrestlers go and make a name for themselves outside of WWE. But, this latest batch of releases has wrestling fans and the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) up in arms. The IWC is usually never pleased with cuts, but this batch of WWE releases is among the most shocking. The biggest shocks to come out of it were the releases of Braun Strowman and Aleister Black. The rest of the releases include Lana, Buddy Murphy, Ruby Riott, and Santana Garrett.

Braun Strowman: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

They have to, right? AEW has made a name of signing wrestlers who have had their careers wasted in WWE (see Miro and Jon Moxley for starters). Braun Strowman has all the makings of a superstar given the chance, and I think AEW is that place. AEW doesn’t really have a big guy in their main event scene, and Strowman will enter and immediately put himself in the title picture. I think it would be fun to see him in NJPW as well, but he feels more America made/American-ready. Strowman would be absolute money for All Elite Wrestling.

Aleister Black: Ring Of Honor

I went back and forth a lot on this pick for Aleister Black between Ring Of Honor and maybe New Japan Pro Wrestling, but in the end, Black (now known as Tommy End, love that name by the way) just seems to fit the style and image of ROH. Black held the NXT Championship and elevated it to new heights, but was never given a massive push on the main roster. He had recently come back and started a program with Big E before WWE foolishly pulled the plug on him. Given the chance in ROH, he can become a staple of their promotion for years to come.

Lana: All Elite Wrestling

Come on, this is a no-brainer. The chance to pair her back with her real-life husband Miro is what you do. Say what you will about the wrestler Lana, but as a manager, she did her job and did it well. A chance to repackage her with Miro and push him up the title scene in AEW has to be on Tony Khan’s radar, and he should 100% pull the trigger. Let her wrestle every so often, but let her work as a manager.

Buddy Murphy: Impact Wrestling

Don’t look now, but Impact Wrestling is starting to be decent again. But with the signing of Buddy Murphy, they can be even better. Murphy is another wrestler who was never really given the chance to shine and prove what he can do. His partnership with Seth Rollins was a brief glimpse into what he can actually become, but we never got the payoff feud between those two (how great would that have been). Plus, technically Impact is working with AEW anyway, so the likelihood of seeing him on TNT on Dynamite is likely.

Ruby Riott: Ring Of Honor

*This one has a bit of fantasy booking in it*

Hear me out: Ruby Riott also fits the Ring Of Honor look but ROH currently doesn’t have any Women’s championships. Is Riott good enough to be a world title holder? I believe so. But what is she even better at? Tag Team Wrestling. WWE is not going to do anything with Liv Morgan, release her from her contract and have them team in ROH and debut them together in some sort of Women’s Tag Team Gold Rush and have them win it. It immediately improves their roster and sets the standard for Women’s Wrestling in ROH. It’s fun to me, but the likely result is Riott in Impact Wrestling.

Santana Garrett: National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)

Last on the list of WWE Releases is Santana Garrett, who is a curious case. Garrett was rumored to be making a move up to the main roster and debut on Smackdown this summer before her release. She has the potential to be a player in a Women’s division given the chance. The current roster at National Wrestling Alliance is thin and can use a face that has been all over TV and wrestling news recently to help bolster their roster. She may not be a top player right away, but she is a good person to have for depth on a roster.

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