Bradley Beal
Brian Sevald/Getty Images

Bradley Beal is having a career year, yet no one is talking about it. When I mean no one, I mean NO ONE. It could be that the Washington Wizards were gonna be trash this year, we knew this. So far we are right as they are already under .500 for the year with not much room for improvement. But I like giving credit where it is due. Other than Beal, who else do the Wizards really have? Rui Hachimara, Isaiah Thomas, and…that’s pretty much it. The rest are just glorified role players. John Wall is likely out this year as the Wizards want him to be 100% for next year. Bradley Beal has been carrying this team as much as he can.

Bradley Beal Stats

His stats show how much he is carrying the Wizards too. He is averaging 29.6 PPG on 47.1% shooting, 7.1 APG, and 4.6 RPG. Wow. For context, he is averaging 4 more points and 1.6 more assists this year than last year. For his career averages, he is averaging 9.5 PPG more, 3.3 APG more, and .6 more rebounds this year than for his career. He is having a helluva year and it’s going to be massively overlooked because his team is trash.

There were reports that John Wall and Bradley Beal were available for trade. The good thing for the Wizards that they didn’t trade him and he willing stayed. The bad news is for Bradley Beal, who could have second thoughts if this team doesn’t improve. If I am the Wizards, I’m moving forward with Beal and building around him. John Wall and Bradley Beal don’t play the best to their ability with each other. Beal is obviously more talented in my opinion, trade Wall and get any assets, whether it is picks or players, for him. Beal is the future for the Wizards, while John Wall might not be.