Zack Moss
Bad news for Devin Singletary fantasy owners. The Bills are giving the Frank Gore role to rookie Zack Moss which means he’s getting all the touchdowns. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy) (Michael Conroy/AP)

When it comes to projecting running back roles and workloads in fantasy, the Buffalo Bills were a tough one to project. Devin Singletary was the leader in the clubhouse and then Buffalo selected Zack Moss in the 3rd round. Sooo now what? How will the Bills divvy up carries? Well, it turns out the answer was underneath our nose the entire time.

Bills GM Brandon Beane said Moss will be used in the Frank Gore role:


“The Bills welcomed another third-round running back to their roster this year with the addition of Zack Moss. Put on his tape and it’s easy to see Moss is a powerful runner. His style along with the departure of Frank Gore is why he is one playmaker to watch in camp. General manager Brandon Beane has said he envisions Moss playing a role similar to Gore from last year. Moss will also be a great complement to second year running back Devin Singletary.”

I’m not sure about you, but that’s not great for Devin Singletary. Here’s a fun fact. Singletary got 3 carries all season inside the 10 yard line. When Brandon Bean talks about the Frank Gore role, that’s what he’s talking about. No touchdowns for you, Singletary. The Bills have a plan here. Any short yardage opportunities are going to Moss.

So how do we value Singletary in fantasy when Zack Moss could wind up vulturing all of the touchdowns? His work in the passing game will help but this news didn’t put my mind at ease for drafting Singletary. If the rookie running back from Utah shows any promise, it looks like he could carve out an even bigger role. Frank Gore wasn’t even good last year so the odds that Moss is more productive are very high.