Bills Mafia
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There is no fanbase in the NFL that is more deserving of a Super Bowl than Bills Mafia. I mean seriously, the men and women of Bills Mafia may be some of the greatest human beings on the planet. They root for a small market team but have huge hearts. This is an appreciation post for those fans.

Lending a Hand

Do good by Bills Mafia, and Bills Mafia will do good by you. Just ask Andy Dalton. At the end of the 2017 season, Dalton and the Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens and helped give the Buffalo Bills a playoff birth. Bills fans responded in kind by donating over $415,000 for Dalton’s foundation that helps families that have children with severe disabilities.

And if you think Bills fans couldn’t get any classier, then you’re wrong. The Bills recently won a tough 17-3 contest against the Ravens and are moving on to the AFC Championship. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson went had to leave the game because of an injury, but Bills fans showed up after the game to show support for Jackson. Bills Mafia once again went on a donation spree, and have so far raised over $360,000 for the charity Jackson supports.

What a class move. The fact this has happened twice means the kindness is genuine. As far as I can tell, it wasn’t an organized thing. Bills fans rose to the occasion and showed up. Jackson was quick to respond on Twitter, reciprocating the love to Bills fans everywhere.

Call it karma, good vibes, blessings from God, but I personally believe that good things happen to good people and that everyone eventually reaps what they sow. But I’m not saying the Bills deserve to win a Super Bowl because they donate money to charity, but that they seem like genuinely nice people. And I would be lying if getting hyped from a win and smashing tables was not the greatest ritual in all of football. I laugh every time.

Best of Luck

Now, believe me, it has been odd to feel this way. I am a Miami Dolphins fan, so I should be rooting for the Bills to lose. But Bills Mafia deserves this Super Bowl. While I campaigned all year for my guy Brian Flores to win Coach of the Year, with Miami not making the playoffs, that honor may end up going to Sean McDermott, and rightfully so. I’d welcome the opportunity to go to a Bills game and see firsthand what Bills Mafia is all about.

All I have to say is good luck to Bills Mafia this weekend. Josh Allen is playing great, Stefon Diggs has taken his game to another level, and the defense is looking legit. If there is any fanbase deserving of a Super Bowl, it’s y’all.