Best College Football Uniforms: Week 7

Just after the best college football uniforms of week six went 5-2, week seven’s schools went a dreadful 1-6. The best college football uniforms list for this week includes six sets that have top and bottom colors matching, but there was one curveball from a school in the Big 12. Read week six’s list here. Who made the list this week?

Syracuse Orange (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
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Considering the school’s nickname is the Orange, you would think Syracuse’s football uniforms would be all orange, right? Well, week seven was actually the first time they busted out a full orange set this season. I think it made them play better, too. Although Clemson is not what they usually are this year, the Orange still gave them a scare, and the final score was 17-14. But back to the uniforms – I really like the Orange’s design on their football uniforms. The striping is simple but good, and I’m glad they finally decided to go all in on the orange concept. I just wish they saved it for a team other than Clemson, who also has orange as their primary color.

Kansas Jayhawks (1st Appearance)

College Football Playoff
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Kansas football is nothing to write home about; you can tell by their 41-14 loss to Texas Tech on Saturday. We all know this is a basketball school, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shake things up in the uniform department every once in a while. Kansas debuted a special uniform for homecoming that featured a never-before-seen powder blue top. They stuck with their classic blue for their helmets and pants. On their helmets, the Jayhawks used a white retro bowtie K logo that was from 1929. I don’t absolutely love this set, but I will give them credit for trying something new.

Boise State Broncos (2nd Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
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Boise State went back to the all-blue look for their Saturday night showdown with Air Force. I don’t know how Air Force overcame the Broncos’ uniforms that blend in with their blue turf, but they did and won 24-17. The other week, I sort of dunked on Boise for not being able to find the right combination of colors to use for their football uniforms, but I think we can all agree that the blue on blue on blue is their best.

Florida Gators (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
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Like Syracuse, the Gators also wore all orange this week. They busted out a rare “dark” uniform set for a rod game, and unfortunately lost to LSU 49-42 in Baton Rouge. Florida uses orange for their helmet, despite using blue as their main color for jerseys. The orange jersey is a nice alternate, but the orange pants together make this set special. Blue and orange go great together, and the fact that Florida is willing to use both as its primary color on a week-to-week basis might land them on the list again this year.

UNLV Rebels (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
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The Rebels nearly got their first win of the season in what would have been a pretty nice upset. Utah State was able to escape Las Vegas with a 28-24 win thanks to scoring a touchdown each quarter. UNLV is not a good football team, but their all-red uniforms from week seven are taking home the crown for best set of the week. The shine from the Allegiant Stadium lights bouncing off the red helmets were so beautiful. The jerseys used a perfect mix of white lettering but grey numbers, and there was just enough black in the collar and number outlines. A-plus for the Rebels.

Baylor Bears (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
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The Bears used a throwback logo on their green helmets this week. The logo featured a yellow cartoon bear with a white sailor hat. The tiny hat had a green ‘B’ on it for Baylor – or Bears, who knows? The rest of the uniform was also green and just a minimal, two-color combination. The yellow numbers, letters, and thick collar worked well. I’m so glad Baylor is trying to get away from the gold they used in the RGIII days, and instead are trying to mimic to Green Bay Packers.

North Texas Mean Green (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
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North Texas almost made the list last week because of their interesting throwback set on the road at Missouri, but I’ll give them some love this week. The Mean Green went away from green and welcomed black on their uniforms for their Friday night game against Marshall. It was a two-color set with black highlighting in a different texture. The highlights were feathers going down the sides of their pants and shoulders. They also used black to outline their green numbers and letters, despite having a black background. Normally, I would hate that, but because of the differing textures, it works here. Back-to-back weeks with a stellar helmet logo, too.

Which school do you think had the best college football uniforms from week 7?

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