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Best College Football Uniforms

(image from Wade Payne/AP Photo)

Best College Football Uniforms: 10/7/21 – 10/9/21

Best College Football Uniforms of Week 6

How about a 5-2 record form the seven school making the best college football uniforms list from this past weekend? Not too shabby. There is a lot of color in this week’s list, and six of the seven schools are making their first appearance. You can find the best college football uniforms for week 5 here. Who made the list this week?

Tulane Green Wave (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from A.J. Sisco/The Advocate via AP)

Tulane is not a good football team, but – despite another loss – these light blue uniforms are beautiful. Everything from the dual-colored striping to the wave helmet logo just click. The deep green outlining the white throughout the entire set is stunning, and the white accessories help add to that. These beauties take home the prize for my favorite college football uniform of the week.

Arizona State Sun Devils (2nd Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo)

The #22 Sun Devils rocked maroon from head to toe as they took care of Stanford 28-10 Friday night. It seems like a standard uniform until they highlighted an Aztec striping design down the center of their helmet. This was an ode to Hispanic Heritage Month – a prideful time in the southwestern region of the U.S. The striping was something unique, and the uniforms as a whole complimented Stanford’s all-white combination beautifully. Is Arizona State the team to beat in the Pac-12 South? They have an important meeting with Utah in week 7.

Brigham Young Cougars (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Shafkat Anowar/Deseret News)

Ouch. BYU, who was sitting in the top-10, lost a home game to Boise State this weekend. The Cougars have been embracing the retro royal blue style over the past few years, and it’s a great look. I would not be against seeing it every Saturday, but whenever they bust out the navy blue, it just looks so clean. How can two colors work so well? This set would work in the NFL, and I think the matte finish on the helmets boosts these uniforms (along with the white accessories).

Tennessee Volunteers (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Wade Payne/AP Photo)

Oh my goodness. When was the last time Tennessee made their dark alternate uniform look good? We’ve seen all grey, black with orange bottoms, black with white bottoms. All of them were eye sores. They make the list this week because maybe they finally figured it out. This year’s version is so close to perfection, and I think the players knew it because they steamrolled the South Carolina Gamecocks 45-20. I would have opted for a black helmet and dropped the white entirely for a two-color set of black and orange, but at least the Vols made due with their white helmet. The black outlines on the logo and stripe, as well as the black facemasks all work nicely.

Missouri Tigers (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Denny Medley/USA TODAY Sports)

Missouri does a lot of different things with their black, white, and yellow colors for Saturdays in the fall. The thing that got me in week 6 was the striping. One yellow stripe sandwiched by two white stripes, all while being separated by two thin black stripes were featured on the Tigers’ shirts, pants, and socks. Instead of going all black, I enjoy the yellow helmet, as it matches the numbers on the front and back of the jerseys. Bonus points for yellow laces on the football, and I also liked North Texas’s throwback logo on their helmets. But seriously, can the SEC stop scheduling Group of Five schools during conference play season?

Utah Utes (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo)

If Tulane didn’t make me salivate, Utah would have been #1 this week. As the USC Trojans rocked their classic cardinal and gold home sets, the Utes busted out all white combination. They looked better and played better than USC as they stomped them 42-26. White uniforms interest me because when you can see just how active a player is in the game by the green grass stains that accumulate all over their clothes throughout the contest. Their red numbers and letters were outlined in black, and their red facemasks matched, too. The same striping that was on the shoulders could be found down the sides of their pants. That classic UU logo is so much better than their drum and feathers one, in my opinion.

Kent State Golden Flashes (1st Appearance)

Best College Football Uniforms
(image from @KentStFootball/Twitter)

Those Kent State helmets are giving me some crazy San Diego Chargers vibes, wouldn’t you agree? Their normal helmet is logo is just too busy, and this simpler approach is flat out better. How many times a week do we get a yellow-on-yellow uniform? Not enough. This is college football – we want to see all the colors of the rainbow during the week! I love this combination because of the absence of white and the Golden Flashes embracing the two-color look. They looked like actual lightning bolts as they beat Buffalo 48-38, and there is just enough navy blue throughout the set that eases your eyes from all that yellow.

Which school do you think had the best college football uniforms from week 6?

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