Opening Day
Raise your hand if you knew that it was Opening Day today? Yeah, me neither. Actually, you’re too late. It already happened. (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Raise your hand if you knew that it was opening day today? Exactly zero hands. Thought so. Actually, you’re too late. Opening day already happened.

Opening Day

The Mariners won opening day in Japan 9-7. There were actually 5 home runs too. Crazy person, Hunter Strickland got a save. Domingo Santana hit a grand slam. Yet, zero buzz. No attention at all. Guess who didn’t wake up at 5:30 A.M. to watch it? 99 percent of America because we had no idea it was happening. It’s not often that I have no idea a sporting event is happening. I didn’t know Opening Day was actually happening until I went to bed around 2 AM. I’ll wake up early for the Combine but Opening Day in Japan? No, thanks.

There is no sport that is worse than marketing their product. Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout just signed enormous extensions and there’s no buzz. Zero. There couldn’t be less attention given it. Instead, we have bullshit MLB Network shows who talk about the same thing 3 guys and alienate fan bases. It’s a total mess. MLB is so out of the loop that Stephen A Smith still thinks that Chone Figgins is still playing the infield for the Angels.

You know what else? I love baseball but I don’t have room for 5 Opening Days. I’ll watch the Red Sox Opening Day and Then I’ll watch their home opener. I’m sure you only care about your team’s opener too and that’s Major League Baseball’s fault. If MLB knew how to market their sport, they would have done something to tie the Ichiro – Japan story in there. The NBA and NFL has done a good job telling stories. MLB couldn’t be worse at it.