Berni Fake Red Cards
Inter keeper Tommaso Berni has been falsely red carded twice this season. Photo by Getty Images.

Berni Fake Red Cards

Tommaso Berni has become a legend in the world of soccer. Although a keeper, he may not play like Thibaut Courtois or Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, but he is making history. Berni has had two fake red cards.

Amazingly, Berni has been red-carded twice this season. Which seems feasible until you learn he hasn’t played this season. In fact, in his six years at Inter, he’s been in zero games.

He has not played since 2014. In the game last weekend with Inter vs. Parma, Berni was listed as the third-string keeper.

Even though he hasn’t played at all, he is still being paid a lot. Berni is paid an amazing €200,000 a year. He attends practices and trains but hasn’t played a single game. Honestly, this sounds like a great job.

There is no pressure to perform well because you’re not a second or third-string. But you can still get paid a good sum of money to play a sport. It’s about half of the guarantee for Major League Soccer (MLS) players.

It reminds me of the show Blue Mountain State. The main character, Alex Moran, purposefully wants to be the second-string quarterback. This allows him to dodge all of the pressure of being great. But he gets the “benefits” of being on the football team- AKA booze and girls.

It amazes me how the referees have managed to falsely red card Berni twice now. Not only that, but he’s a keeper, and they barely get carded.