NHL Pay Signing Bonuses
Toronto Maple Leafs player Auston Matthews will receive the biggest signing bonus this season. Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images.

Although everyone has taken an economic hit from the pandemic, the National Hockey League (NHL) doesn’t show it. There is still a plan for the NHL to pay signing bonuses on July 1.

It was decided between the NHL and NHLPA that the players will still receive their signing bonuses on time. In total this will cost around $300 million.

Toronto Maple Leafs will be getting the biggest portion of it with $60 million owed. Leafs players Auston Matthews will receive $15.2 million and Mitch Marner will get $14.3 million. Oilers player Connor McDavid will receive the third-largest chunk of $13 million.

Even though NHL and NHLPA have agreed on this, they are still trying to figure out how to return. They are ironing out the details of the 24-team tournament that is planned. There is still no exact return date.

The locations have not been chosen either. It will be between two cities. However, which one is still up in the air. Toronto, Edmonton, Las Vegas and Chicago still are high in the running. Although, with the recent spikes of COVID cases in the United States, two Canadian cities could be chosen.

NHL and NHLPA have also not come out with the exact safety protocols and regulations that will take hold once resumed.

It is hoped that the collective bargaining agreement extension will be announced within the next few days.