Andy Dalton
Is Andy Dalton finally on the hot seat in Cincinnati? Mike Brown’s comments make it seem that way #WhoDey

When you think of lame duck quarterback, Andy Dalton has to come to mind first, right? Dalton has been the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback for 8 years. He’s also NEVER won a playoff game during that stretch. The good news for him is Mike Brown just might be the most patient owner in sports. Think about how long he gave Marvin Lewis!

Well, it looks like things are changing. It appears that Andy Dalton is firmly on the hot seat:

“I think it’s a good year for [Dalton] to show like he can, like we think he will,” Bengals owner Mike Brown told reporters at the Annual League Meeting this week, per The Cincinnati Enquirer. “After he re-establishes himself, we would want to get together with him and see if we can extend it.”

“I think Andy is a good player and that he will rebound off last year,” Brown told reporters. “He was hurt. We lost so many other pieces. It fell apart, but if he’s healthy and we stay healthy enough, I have confidence in him.”

Let me translate. That quote says that if Dalton plays like he did last year, he’s a goner. If he improves, maybe he sticks around. If he really improves and makes some sort of playoff run, then he will probably get an extension. Brown isn’t f*cking around anymore. Marv Lewis is gone. You know he means business now. Ehh, maybe, he did hire unproven Zac Taylor?

Dalton finished the 2018 season on IR and the Bengals rolled with that trainwreck Jeff Driskel who belongs in the Canadian League. The red-headed water pistol finished the year with 2,566 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and 11 picks with a 61.9 completion percentage.