Kevin Cash
Kevin Cash should be exiled to Mars for pulling Blake Snell too soon in Game 6 of the 2020 MLB World Series. You don’t come back from that mistake. (Tim Warner/Getty Images)

When your enemy makes a mistake, don’t interrupt them. Kevin Cash may have cost the Tampa Bay Rays from winning the 2020 MLB World Series. At a minimum, he cost his team Game 6, which clinched the series for the Dodgers. Do not waste any time; exile Cash to Mars now.

Story time, kids!

Blake Snell is pitching his ass off. He’s mowing hitters down left and right in Game 6 of the 2020 World Series. The Rays lead 1-0 because of a home run by Randy Arozarena. He’s their entire offense.

There is one out in the bottom of the 6th inning, and Snell is cruising. To this point, Snell has allowed two hits, no walks, and no runs. He’s also struck out nine hitters while doing so on just 74 pitches.

There’s a runner on first, and Mookie Betts is coming to the plate. Corey Seager and Justin Turner are behind him in the lineup. To this point, Betts, Seager, and Turner are 0-6 with six punch outs.

Now you would think that since Snell has made Betts look silly in two at-bats, he would ride his horse. Think again.

Cash in possibly the most egregious decision in World Series history brings in Nick Anderson. Two years ago, Anderson was not on an MLB roster. Anderson proceeds to give up a double to Betts, throws a wild pitch allowing the run to score, then a fielders choice allowing Betts to score.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING KEVIN CASH??? Fun fact! Anderson has now given up a run in seven straight postseason appearances. Cash decided that guy was the person to bring in with his season and championship on the line.

Fun fact! Betts hit .200 with a slugging percentage of .218 against lefties this year. Cash pulled the left-handed throwing Snell who was on fire for the right-handed throwing and struggling Anderson.

Cash doesn’t deserve to take the flight home. Instead, he gets a rocket ship to Mars. This decision will go down as the most indefensible managerial decision in postseason history.

At what point do we say analytics go too far? At what point do we change the constitution to allow Snell to bash Cash over the head? At what point do we stand for Doug Mirabelli as the GOAT backup Red Sox catcher?

Okay, maybe the Rays don’t have the payroll flexibility for a rocket to send Cash to Mars. Either way, you don’t come back from this. Something has to be done for ruining the Rays shot at their first-ever championship. Anything short of Cash not being allowed to eat for a week, and we riot. Returning as the Rays manager should be out of the question.