Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are off to a surprising 5-1 start and currently sit in first place in the NFC North. They’ve had three come from behind wins this season, showing how resilient they are as a team this year.

A big part of Chicago’s winning start is their defense, which is currently ranked seventh and giving up a measly 19.3 points per game. Although the defense is doing well, the offense hasn’t been able to replicate that success. To be taken seriously, the offense needs to step it up.

Despite a 3-0 start, Matt Nagy benched quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and replaced him with Nick Foles to inject some life into the Bears offense. So far, the offense remains stuck in neutral. Nagy’s squad currently ranks in the bottom six of the league in both points, yards, and rushing. Eventually, the offense is going to have to put up more points to win.

Last week, despite a 23-16 victory over the Carolina Panthers, the Bears only averaged 2.5 yards per carry against a defense that ranks at the bottom of the league at stopping the run. Chicago had 261 yards of total offense and averaged 4.1 yards per play against that same rebuilding Carolina defense. These are numbers you might be able to get away with against Carolina, but they’ll more than likely lead to losses when the Bears take on good teams like the Rams, Saints, and Titans.

The offense also hasn’t shown any improvement week to week. Many times, the offense has looked the same or worse as it did the previous game. Nick Foles hasn’t been much better than Mitchell Trubisky. Once again, he threw for a meager 198 yards and a season-low 5.1 yards per pass. This is the second-lowest average per attempt in a win this season.

Football is offense-oriented, especially the NFL, which is run by quarterbacks as the rules tend to favor that position these days. If you don’t have a good offense, then your chances aren’t very high to have postseason success. The Bears offense hasn’t been good through six weeks, and it has yet to establish consistency.

Chicago dwindled time when they were playing not very good teams to get established offensively. They are about to embark on their toughest stretch of the season. Their next opponents are the Rams, Saints, and Titans. All three of the opponents are playoff contenders this year. The Bears will have to figure out ways to put up points on the offensive side of the ball.

If Chicago wants to prove they’re a playoff team, they must establish who they are as an offense. Gone are the days where you can have a great defense and a mediocre offense and win a Super Bowl. Sooner or later, having a great defense won’t be enough to win. It happened to the Bears last year. Fans hope the Bears get struck by lightning twice.