Super Bowl 54
The Chicago Bears are drawing the most bets to win Super Bowl 54. Can the Bears actually win the Super Bowl this upcoming year? (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Are the Chicago Bears a legit contender to win Super Bowl 54? That’s what the public thinks. Did you know that the Chicago Bears have more bets than any other team to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season? Crazy… or is it? Chicago’s current odds of 9-1 are the 4th highest in the league and the NFL fans are in on the Bears.

Via David Payne Purdum of, the Bears have drawn the most wagers to win Super Bowl 54:

“It’s been kind of overwhelming, the support [for the Bears],” Caesars Sportsbook senior oddsmaker Alan Berg told “Every time the Bears go to the playoffs, the following year, the money just pours in. Everybody gets optimistic.”

I actually forgot the Bears won 12 games in 2018. How the hell did the happen? For starters, this defense is legit. On paper, it’s probably the best defense in football. I’m not sure any team has a better one-two punch to attack the quarterback than the Bears with Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks.

There’s also another question to ask. Can this unit be as effective without Vic Fangio? Losing him is a huge loss. Chuck Pagano takes over the defense and was a known blockhead as a head coach with the Colts. IF Chicago doesn’t have a top 5 defense, this team is probably screwed.

Still, I can’t believe people are betting on Mitch Trubisky to win the Super Bowl. The days are Trent Dilfer limping a team to victory are over. You need offense today. Trubisky is arguably the worst starting quarterback in the league. He’s horrendous. It’s Blake Bortles 2.0. Betting on the Bears to win the Super Bowl is like flushing it down the toilet. It’s not happening.