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Butt Hurt John Fox Claims The Bears Had The Worst 2019 NFL Offseason

John Fox
Butt hurt John Fox claims The Bears had the worst 2019 NFL offseason (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

John Fox spent time as an NFL head coach with the Panthers, Broncos, and most recently, the Chicago Bears. After being fired after the 2017 season, Fox took a year off and now works for ESPN. NFL Live did a segment recently about which NFL team had the worst offseason in 2019? To no one’s surprise, Fox claims the Bears had the worst. In fairness, so did Damien Woody.

“I think losing Vic Fangio… is huge,” Woody said. “That Chicago Bears defense, it literally fueled their offense. It’s the identity of the Bears and when you lose a talented defensive coordinator like that, I think there’s going to be some slippage there.”

“I think when you’re going to play defense, you’re going to lean on your takeaways to help a young offense and you don’t have a kicker, a reliable kicker that you’re going to need those points from after some of those turnovers,” Fox said. “I think the kicking question is really big right now in Chicago and I think that might be a problem going into the season.”

You can just tell Fox is butt hurt here, but let’s be honest. This was such a low blow that Fox doesn’t look so bad. The Bears literally lost a playoff game because of Cody Parkey. Interestingly enough was a former Eagle and Philly fans weren’t the least bit surprised. Chicago even signed a kicker this offseason named Chris Blewitt. That’s asking to get made fun of.

I think Woody is right on here. Losing Fangio is an enormous loss. If that defense takes even a small step back, this team is screwed. It’s a fair point. You can also point to the draft and look at what the Bears came away with. It was arguably the worst draft haul of any team in the NFL.

The Bears did some good things. They did sign Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. I like Riley Ridley. The story with the Bears will come down to Mitch Trubisky and the truth of the matter is that he stinks. Just the truth.

If we’re being honest, even if the Bears had a down offseason, nobody had a worse offseason than the Giants. Drafting Daniel Jones at 6 and moving Odell Beckham while paying a huge chunk of his salary is tough to beat. The Ravens have to be close while continuing to invest in a running unsustainable quarterbac and getting their defense pillaged by the rest of the league.

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