Tyler O'Day
(Image Credit: Tyler O’Day via Twitter/@tyleroday)

Barstool Employee Tyler O’Day Resigns on Air with Dave Portnoy

Barstool employee Tyler O’Day resigned on air yesterday with Dave Portnoy. O’Day was the first segment of The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co. and let Portnoy know that he was leaving the company in the coming weeks to take a job as the Empire State Building’s social media manager.

At around the 2:30 mark of the show, the soon-to-be-former Barstool social media manager joined the podcast to let Portnoy, Eddie, and the viewers know he was leaving the company. To say that Eddie and Portnoy were shocked is an understatement. After O’Day thanked Portnoy for the opportunity and time he was given at Barstool, Portnoy, rather befuddled, asked, “how am I supposed to continue with this show?” The 44-year-old then continued and jokingly asked O’Day to clarify that the latter was in fact leaving one of the biggest sports media companies in the U.S. to manage the social media platform for a building, or rather as Portnoy put it so eloquently, “cement.”

You can watch the full clip and episode below:

On the same day the episode dropped, O’Day officially tweeted out that he was leaving the company he called home for more than four years.

And in true Dave Portnoy fashion, he aired out of his thoughts on Twitter, dishing out some banter on the building that “poached” his social media manager.


I doubt Portnoy harbors any ill will towards O’Day, but the Empire State Building very well may have made Portnoy’s infamous champagne list. In case you are unaware of his champagne list, Portnoy explains below.


Despite O’Day’s departure, the Barstool train will certainly keep rolling, as Portnoy hired new betting and content personalities to continue expanding one of the largest media brands in sports.


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