Willie Colon Kirk Minihane
Must Watch: Willie Colon, Kirk Minihane battle in intense radio spare

Who doesn’t love a good ole fashion feud? Buckle up because this one is a mustwatch. Barstool has an intense battle going with former Boston radio host, Kirk Minihane and Willie Colon of Barstool Breakfast. Minihane was recently added to Barstool’s roster but is now stuck doing a podcast instead of his normal radio routine. Colon and Barstool Large host the breakfast show in the morning creating some hostility.

Yesterday, Minihane alluded to the fact that all he had to do was make two phone calls and he could have a morning show with Barstool. That created this intense radio segment on CCK. Click here to watch that awkward moment. Colon gave Minihane a death stare for 30 minutes straight not saying a word.

The two finally spared this morning when Colon finally got a chance to get Kirk on his show. The interaction could only be described as intense.

I would love to know what you, the reader has to say. In my view, Minihane can joke all he wants. That’s fine. The second you start calling someone a “pussy” all bets are off. Colon has every right to get mad. Joking about another man’s job is also a bold strategy. Also, a bold strategy to call a former NFL offensive lineman a “pussy” as a 130 pound radio host. Colon could crush his skull if he really wanted to. Then again, quite hypocritical of Colon to get mad at Minihane when he tried to take an hour away from ‘The Cousins’ radio show so he can have an extra hour.

Let us know who you side with? Is it Kirk Minihane or Willie Colon? This is what Barstool is. It’s authentic and real. There’s a reason why this company continues to grow. They want conflict, not shy away from it.