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The Call Her Daddy Hosts Are Feuding With Barstool And Even Themselves

Call Her Daddy
The Call Her Daddy Girls are feuding with Barstool and even themselves. In a predictable turn of events, a boyfriend stirred the pot and caused drama. (Annie Wermiel/NY Post)

Call Her Daddy is or was one of the more successful podcasts that Barstool has. The only problem is they haven’t dropped an episode in over a month. We now know why. First, a story from the NY Post was leaked. It detailed how the Call Her Daddy hosts (Alex and Sophia) pretty much hate everyone including each other.

I’ll share some of the key quotes. You can read the full post here.

“They’re not speaking to each other anymore,” said the insider. “They’ve completely turned on each other and started arguing over who was the real talent and who did more of the heavy lifting [for the podcast].

“I think their audience would be surprised to learn what has been going on behind the scenes with them. It’s not the loyal, fun-loving friendship they put out there.”

But fame has allegedly gone to their heads.

According to Page Six, the pair wanted out of their contract as other offers began flowing in. But Barstool owns the trademark to their brand and Cooper and Franklyn were still in the middle of a three-year contract, which reportedly pays each an annual base salary of $75,000 plus an additional $2,500 an episode for every 10 percent of listeners that they pull in above the show’s average.

Rather than honor their contract, Franklyn and Cooper stopped recording episodes in early April.

The insider said the feud has been stirred up by Franklyn’s boyfriend, HBO Sports executive vice president Peter Nelson, 38, claiming that he has been advising them behind the scenes.

They were offered a deal with podcast network Wondery, the insider said, which was orchestrated by Nelson: “He was quietly shopping them even though they were still under contract with Barstool.”

But Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy told The Post he was prepared to negotiate.

“We offered them mid- to high six-figure salaries and a way for them to get the intellectual property,” Portnoy said. “We offered them substantial raises just to get them to honor their existing contract.”

Let’s break this down as efficiently as possible.

A: Barstool takes a shot on two Instagram girls and finally gave them a real platform.

B: They were making a shit ton of money to do a one hour podcast once a week but wanted more money.

C: They wanted out of their existing contracts. So much so that they just stopped working.

D: Seems like a new boyfriend got in the mix and stirred the pot.

F: Dave Portnoy offered them a ridiculous contract to stay and they still caused problems.

Barstool had to respond once the article was leaked to the Post. Portnoy decided to give a little presser to tell the story of what’s going on.

Say whatever you want about Portnoy. One thing he is not is a liar. He’s always honest and puts cameras everywhere even during times he probably shouldn’t. His side of the story makes the hosts look like a pair of spoiled brats. Portnoy has enough money. He doesn’t need this headache. The Barstool founder bent over backward to give them a crazy deal in their favor to stay and just honor the contract. If you want to know what’s going on, give it a listen in the tweet above. It’s about a half hour long.

I think the Twitter comments sum things up pretty well. Oh, and before I start… Look at this dude. Sophia risked it all of a 2. Hilarious. Talk about an ugly looking dude.


Portnoy’s offer is insane. Half a million guarantee with download bonuses. Full rights to the name of the show and basically all of the merch profit. Cut 6 months off the contract. He was basically losing money just to make the headache go away. Finally, it seems like Alex realized this is too good to pass on and Sophia got mad. Now they’re mad at each other.

Here’s the thing the Call Her Daddy hosts don’t understand. They’re replaceable. Portnoy could go on Instagram tomorrow and find two girls to do a sex podcast to replace them. Might even find better hosts. I’ve listened to the podcast. It’s nothing special. It’s sex stories and backstabbing. There’s a million people they could find to do that show. Half of the listeners are probably desperate guys that just want tips anyway. The other half are girls in a relationship that want advice. They’re not that special. I could recommend 10 girls to Portnoy right now to do the show. They would gladly accept a half million a year with bonuses.

Very replaceable…

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