Erika Nardini faces backlash from NWHL
(Annie Wermiel)

Barstool Sport’s CEO Erika Nardini is facing backlash for supporting the NWHL, from the league itself.

Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini is facing backlash from the NWHL for supporting the new women’s hockey league. Nardini tweeted out a compilation of people tweeting about how the NWHL has a Barstool problem. Now, how does that make sense when Nardini has invested her own money? Guess what it doesn’t.

This is not the first time Barstool has been accused of being misogynistic, and to be honest it is a lazy cop out for people who do not want to see a new age, anti PC culture brand survive. The same old recycled clip of founder Dave Portnoy on Inside Edition circulates the social media feeds. Portnoy in this clip is getting grilled about a comment from years prior, a joke that obviously did not age well about size or 6 skinny jeans.

This one incident has stained how the outsiders view Barstool, but they somehow look past that three out of the four major executives at the company are women. Dave himself is the first person that gives credit to Nardini, saying that without her the company would not have reached the heights that it is at.

Nardini hosts the Token CEO, a podcast named after the haters and critics who said she only has her job because she is a women. On her podcast she recently had Kelly Babstock and Rebecca Russo, players for the Metropolitan Riveters previewing their season and the challenges that they have to overcome.

Nardini is giving the NWHL a platform, her gigantic platform and is being backed by Barstool brands such as Spittin Chiclets, the most popular hockey podcast in the world. I am almost certain more then half of the Barstool readers and followers would not have a clue there is a professional women’s hockey league without Erika’s promotion.

So, the NWHL released a statement, bashing Nardini’s video. The part that makes no sense is that nothing she tweeted she said herself, they were just tweets of people bashing Nardini, Barstool and their involvement in the league.

There is no circumstance where it would be acceptable to call out many of the reporters, staff members and fans who have given so much to women’s hockey

NWHL Commissioner Tyler Tumminia

What is the deal with people not being able to take criticism? She called out people who blindly hate without having an ounce of their own original thoughts.

Katie Burt, who plays in the NWHL and also played in the failed attempt for a women’s professional league a few years prior came to Nardini’s defense Wednesday morning.

TL//DR: Barstool Sports and CEO Erika Nardini are facing backlash over supporting the NWHL