Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield doubled down on his hatred of Hue Jackson (Aaron Doster/USA TODAY Sports)

Idiots in the media have attacked Baker Mayfield for calling Hue Jackson a phony. I’m not sure how anyone can defend Hue Jackson considering he is statistically the worst head coach in the history of football. Go watch Hard Knocks and tell me why Hue Jackson deserves any respect? Well, Baker Mayfield doubled down on his criticism of Hue Jackson and you have to respect him for it.

Mary Kay Cabot of had the following:

“No, everyone likes to make things a bigger deal than they really are, that’s just how it is,’’ he said. “People took it as me personally attacking Hue, but that’s not it. It’s the fact that I get to have my own opinion on how it transpired and he gets to do what he wants. That’s how it is.

“Although I’m an athlete, I’m not a cookie-cutter quarterback, never have been, never will be. I speak my mind. That’s just how I am, so I didn’t like the move and people don’t have to care. I’m not looking for anybody’s approval. I don’t regret any of it. It’s about this team and what we have and we have to stick together and play together.”

Good for Baker for being honest. The one thing that Baker does have is balls. He’s going, to be honest, and you have to respect that about him. I would begrudge Hue Jackson too! Could you imagine the daily dysfunction that goes on behind the scenes when Jackson was running the ship? Hard Knocks gave us just a snippet. I couldn’t imagine what else goes on and Mayfield illuded to that.

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I don’t blame Hue Jackson for taking the Bengals job but I also don’t blame Baker for not wanting to be his friend. The fact that Marvin Lewis was the one to hire Hue tells you all that you need to know. By the way, Baker’s numbers have gone through the roof since Hue left and you wonder why Baker hates him.