Damien Woody
Could Damien Woody have lost any more respect for siding with Hue Jackson? (ESPN)

ESPN has become an assembly line of idiots. They are like Pavlov’s dog. See an idiot; become an idiot. The long line of clowns just got much larger with Damien Woody joining the clubhouse. If you are a person that watches First Take… Please light yourself on fire.

So here’s the story. After the Browns humiliated the Bengals on Sunday, former Browns head coach and current Bengals assistant when to great Baker Mayfield after the game. Mayfield did his best to blow him off and then talked shit about him in the postgame interview. In the least shocking news of all time, a clip made the rounds of the internet after Damien Woody chimed in on his opinion and sided with Hue Jackson. Mayfield made sure to respond.

Baker Mayfield

Here’s how you can tell if someone is dumb; Do they try to defend Hue Jackson. If anyone watched Hard Knocks, then you probably already know that Hue Jackson has a lower IQ than your pet dog. It is humanly impossible to be a worse head coach than Hue Jackson. You could seriously hire a 4th grader and he physically could not do worse than Hue. In two and a half years as the coach of the Browns, Jackson went 3-36-1.

You can’t truly quantify how bad that is. You could show up drunk to work and you would be doing a more righteous service than what Hue Jackson has done. Don’t believe me? You don’t think being that bad hurts the Cleveland economy? Hue Jackson is such an embarrassment to society that there is physically no way possible that he doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction when he tries to pick up chicks. How can he look in the mirror and not be ashamed of himself?

You know what else speaks volumes to how bad Hue Jackson is? Baker Mayfield’s numbers have gone through the roof since Jackson left. The last three games, Mayfield has completed 74 percent of his throws, 8.8 yards per attempt, 9 touchdowns, 1 interception, 129.5 QBR. The six games prior with Jackson calling the shots, Mayfield completed 58 percent of his throws, 6.6 yards per attempt, 8 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, and 78.6 QBR.

Having said all of that. Who in the world could possibly defend Hue Jackson? Well, Damien Woody tried. I didn’t expect an NFL offensive lineman to actually be intelligent so it’s no surprise that he had zero context clues. People are criticizing Mayfield here? I love it. I have to love the good ole fashion buddy line. I only wish he would have grabbed his nuts again and told Damien Woody to go fornicate himself.

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Hey Hue, Who’s chair are you sitting in now you dumb f*ck? Now your sucking Marvin Lewis’ ass and he is only slightly smarter than a deer in the woods getting shot at. Good for Mayfield for taking the high road. It’s about time someone called out that bum Hue Jackson. He has been ruining quarterback’s careers for the past three years. Who’s the real villain here?