Apologies for the wait! Backyard Baseball Episode 3 is here! In this episode, the Mashing Taters take on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Montreal Expos in a doubleheader that should help prepare the Taters for their upcoming back-to-back against the AL West rival Anaheim Angels.

One of the games came against a pitcher with a 12.00 ERA. I’d like to get it down in writing that I would happily take a pitcher with a 12.00 ERA on the Red Sox right now. Their starting pitching is some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

Alex Rodriguez continues to impress, currently on pace for over 40 home runs. I’ll admit that Road to 70 was more than a little ambitious, especially in an 18-game season. Derek Jeter continues to frustrate, and his hitting still has not come around. There were some bright spots in these games, so perhaps that will be indicative of improving performance. Randy Johnson’s pitching is still setting the league on fire, despite his low strikeout totals. Will he remain in the top 5 in ERA? And will he still have a better batting average than Derek Jeter when this doubleheader is over? Find out in the latest episode of Backyard Baseball!