Episode 2 of the Backyard Baseball 2005 series is here! In this episode, the Mashing Taters play a doubleheader against two AL East opponents, the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties and a game against the Oakland Athletics was played with unusable footage. Don’t worry, the Taters mashed their way to a 17-1 victory featuring 3 homers from A-Rod and great defensive play from Annie Frazier.

In this episode, there are many key storylines to be aware of. Annie Frazier continues to prove that she was worth the #1 Overall Pick. Alex Rodriguez continues his chase for the single-season home run record, except in an 18-game season. Randy Johnson looks for the elusive shutout. Luanne Lui considers hitting the ball more than 5 feet. Derek Jeter fails to be a good hitter yet again. Shawn Green continues to show just how badly the developers of the game disrespected his abilities. The Angels, an undefeated AL West rival, loom large on the upcoming schedule.

I also discussed other topics, including the game’s disrespect to Greg Maddux, the Joe Kelly situation, and how to get Luanne Lui on base.


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