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Arnold Kegel, The Man Who Invented Kegel Exercises, Missed A Golden Opportunity

Arthur Kegel
Arnold Kegel, the man who invented kegel exercises, missed a golden opportunity. Read the post to see exactly what I mean. (giphy)

Arnold Kegel, The Man Who Invented Kegel Exercises, Missed A Golden Opportunity

Men have push-ups. Women have Pus Ups? No? We’re not liking that one? Maybe? Sorry… I’ll stop writing material for that weirdo Harrison Butker. Look, all I’m trying to say is the guy who invented kegel exercises (Arnold Kegel) missed a golden opportunity here.

Typical man, SMH! Instead of doing a good deed and naming the exercises “Pus Ups” Dr. Kegel had to make it about himself and name the whole thing after him. Typical man. Has to find a way to take ownership of something belonging to a woman.

The audacity!


Okay, I’m going to stop now. Sorry but not sorry for all of that in advance. I somehow have to get this to 300 words for SEO purposes so I’m going to mention below the benefits of Pus Ups… damn it, sorry… I meant Kegel exercises.

In all seriousness… we’re seeing the blown opportunity here, right?

The rest of the post will be dedicated to listing out the benefits of kegel exercises. All of the information was taken from Chat GPT.

“Kegel exercises offer several benefits for both men and women by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. These benefits include:

  1. Improved Bladder Control: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help prevent or manage urinary incontinence. This is especially beneficial for women after childbirth and men after prostate surgery.
  2. Enhanced Sexual Health: For women, stronger pelvic muscles can lead to increased sensitivity and stronger orgasms. For men, Kegels can help with erectile function and possibly reduce premature ejaculation.
  3. Support During Pregnancy and Postpartum Recovery: Pregnant women benefit from Kegel exercises by reducing the risk of pelvic floor problems during and after pregnancy. It can also aid in faster postpartum recovery by strengthening the muscles that were stretched during childbirth.
  4. Improved Bowel Control: Kegels can help manage or prevent fecal incontinence by strengthening the muscles that support the bowel.
  5. Reduced Risk of Pelvic Organ Prolapse: By strengthening the pelvic floor, Kegel exercises can help prevent conditions like uterine prolapse, where pelvic organs drop into or outside the vaginal canal due to weakened muscles.
  6. Enhanced Core Stability: A strong pelvic floor contributes to overall core strength, which is crucial for stability and can help prevent lower back pain.
  7. Convenience and Accessibility: Kegel exercises are easy to do and can be performed anywhere without any special equipment. They can be done discreetly while sitting, standing, or lying down.

To maximize the benefits, it’s important to perform Kegel exercises correctly and regularly. Consulting with a healthcare provider or a pelvic floor therapist can provide guidance on proper technique and help address any specific concerns.”

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