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Are Vince and Linda McMahon still married?

McMahon Married

(Credit: Getty Images)

McMahon Married
(Credit: Getty Images)

Are Vince and Linda McMahon still married?

The McMahon family are, without a doubt, the most powerful wrestling family the WWE business has ever seen.

Vince has ruled the roost in WWE since taking over from his father, and now he has passed the creative reigns on to his daughter’s husband, Triple H. But the question some people might not have been able to figure out in recent years is this: Are Vince and Linda still married?

The two met each other when they were teenagers, with a 16-year-old Vince Lupton (his stepfather’s surname which he used at the time) being introduced to a 13-year-old Linda Edwards by his mother at church.

Once Vince turned 21 on Aug. 24, 1966, the two were then wed on Aug. 26 and, according to numerous sources, the two have been married since that day, taking their years as a married couple to 57 at the time of writing.

But is that the whole story? Is it a happily ever after for Vince and Linda McMahon? The short answer is no, while the long answer is a little more tricky to pin down. During the investigation that was launched in 2022 that looked into Vince’s sexual misconduct, many wondered what Linda thought of all of it given that she is his wife after all.

Famed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer spoke about it on his radio show, where he stated that Vince and Linda are still “technically” married, but haven’t actually been together for a long time. This statement was further backed up by a comment Vince made during his conversation with Pat McAfee on “The Pat McAfee Show,” where the WWE Chairman (at the time) described Linda as his “wife at the time.”

To this day, there has been no official word on whether or not the McMahons have officially separated, have planned a divorce or just enjoy spending time away from each other due to their busy schedules. But as time goes on, it will be a question asked by many curious wrestling fans for years to come.

The McMahon era in WWE is coming to end

At the time of writing, WWE is preparing for the Sept. 11, 2023, edition of Monday Night Raw. While that might not seem like a sentence that warrants “the end of an era,” what happens on Sept. 12 will be the ultimate sign that an era has ended.

The impending purchase of WWE by Endevaor is set to take place on Sept. 11, where the new owners will merge the company with the UFC, the MMA promotion that they took control of in 2016, to form “TKO.”

(via @SeanRossSapp on X)

This means that the Sept. 11, 2023, edition of WWE Raw will be the final piece of World Wrestling Entertainment television produced while Vince McMahon still has an independent majority over the company.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the merger as some believe there could be huge lay-offs for both WWE and UFC, but Vendetta Sports Media will keep you posted with all of the latest updates.


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