Personal Trainer
Are personal trainers all frauds? Do they have any idea what they’re doing? I have a story to tell.

Are Personal Trainers Frauds?

Welcome to story time by Trey.

I don’t have a real direction for this post. No, this is not a typical sports article. Think of it more as a pure rant because my mind has been blown.

Today I ask the question; Are personal trainers frauds? That’s right, I said it.

Look, I’m all for wanting people to get in shape. I’m all for people hiring personal trainers if they don’t know what they’re doing. However, we have a serious problem going on in America and I’m not sure it’s being talked about enough. I’m not sure the personal trainers know what they’re doing.

Here’s your story time. I’ve been staying with my friend George for a month until he moves to LA to pursue an acting career. We bought gym memberships for the month until he moves.

I love going to the gym. Weight lifting is one of my hidden talents. I’ve been training George and his little brother before he moves away. They’re getting JACKED… quickly.

Being around wrestling my whole life, I know what I’m doing by this point. I ran organized weight lifting sessions in college when my own collegiate coach didn’t know what a dumbbell looked like. You get the point.

I normally lift by myself in dirty basements where I don’t have to be bothered. Now that I’m at an actual gym, I just get stared at the whole time. It’s weird but whatever. I try not to pay attention to other people because I don’t care. BUT… It’s impossible to not notice this personal trainer.

Prior to this, I didn’t have a real opinion on personal trainers. I know I’d probably be better than most that did it for their profession, but it’s not something that actually irked me. NOW? I can’t help myself. This needs to be said.

There was a personal trainer helping this middle aged man work out. This was the sequence of the workout – Smith machine squats, push press, and skull crushers. What?

Yeah, exactly. There was no plan. This trainer was just having this guy move around and hit every body part the same day. I thought to myself – okay, this is ridiculous but maybe he only gets in the gym once a week and doesn’t have time to properly train.

NOPE. Saw the guy in the gym the next day and it was another bonkers workout. By this time I couldn’t watch anymore.

Later in the day, I was just finishing up my workout in a space doing abs. The same personal trainer came around the same area. This is a true story. He was just hovering around and every two minutes he would jump as high as he could and would pace around the room.

Was this man spying on me trying to learn how to train people? Was he just such a psycho that he felt that need to do a single high jump with two minute break intervals? Was he actually a personal trainer? How much was this clown actually being paid? ALL valid questions.

I don’t know if all personal trainers are like this but I now assume they all know nothing. I now understand why people don’t trust them. You’re all frauds!

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