Anthony McFarland
Anthony McFarland needs more touches in the Steelers’ offense. (Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports)

The Steelers’ run offense has not been doing too well the last couple of weeks. Last week against Jacksonville, they proved that James Conner was not the problem. However, the run game still lacked versatility and explosiveness. In that game rookie, Anthony McFarland only played 5 snaps. He was handed the ball only 3 times on those 5 snaps for 3 yards. However, throughout his entire NFL career, McFarland has 67 yards on only 20 attempts. The Pittsburgh Steelers need to Utilize Anthony McFarland more.

Change of Pace

Both James Conner and Benny Snell are power backs. When opposing defenses are preparing for them no large changes have to be made. McFarland, however, is different. He is a speedy elusive back. The offense could benefit from his change of pace. With his speed, he is more easily able to get to the outside and evade tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Things both Conner and Snell have struggled with in the past. McFarland may not be an every-down kind of back, but he could be valuable for his ability to change the pace of the offense.

Conner’s Replacement

Even if Anthony McFarland was an identical type of player to Conner and Snell, he still needs reps. Conner is in the last year of his rookie contract. Next year’s salary cap is uncertain, and he may become a causality of that.

If that happens Snell will take over as the number 1 and McFarland as number 2. However so far this season McFarland only has 20 carries. Compare that to Snell who had 108 carries in his rookie season. McFarland is getting no experience. If he were to step into next season with only what he has not, he would still basically be a rookie. Especially with the lack of training camps and OTAs due to COVID.

Either way, the Pittsburgh Steelers need to get Anthony McFarland on the field more. Whether if it’s to improve their current run game, or to improve their future run game, Anthony McFarland needs to be utilized.