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Why Doesn’t Andrew Luck Get The Respect He Deserves?

Why isn’t Andrew Luck getting the respect he deserves? (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

You know who’s really good? Andrew Luck. The Colts quarterback is really good but for some reason he isn’t getting the respect he deserves. Coming into the season, all I heard was “Andrew Luck is always hurt” “Andrew Luck can’t even throw a nerf ball” “Andrew Luck is overrated”. If you were ever in that category… you my friend are stupid. Andrew Luck isn’t just really good, he’s a top 3 quarterback in the league and it isn’t arguable.

There are some things that I can’t help you with. If you’re stupid, then you’re stupid. Not believing in Andrew Luck is just one of those things. Prior to the 2018 season, executives around the league voted on ranking quarterbacks around the league. Andrew Luck came in at number 10…10! The level of disrespect is on another level. Matt Ryan came in at number 5 and he’s a glorified version of Andy Dalton without Kyle Shanahan and we are seeing that come to fruition this year (#ghostofshanahan).

Andrew Luck is 2nd in the NFL in touchdown passes (34). He also has been heating up as the season goes on after not playing at all a year ago. After a 1-5 start, Indianapolis is 8-6 and on the heels of knocking on the playoff door. The Colts are finally giving Luck a semblance of a supporting cast. The offensive line is protecting him. Frank Reich is a good play caller. The defense is young and up and coming. Yet Andrew Luck still isn’t looked upon as a great quarterback. Why is that? It’s an answer I’m still trying to figure out.

Here’s the question I would ask you. How many quarterbacks would you take over Andrew Luck over the next 5 years? Patrick Mahomes? Maybe, but you can’t say for sure. Mahomes is unbelievable but he also has Andy Reid, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. Andrew Luck has done it with T.Y. Hilton and bust turned dominant tight end, Eric Ebron. Who else? Carson Wentz? Maybe, but he also is struggling with his own health issues. Outside of Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson, you can’t come up with another logical response. What more do you need to see? The guy went 11-5 in the first three years of his career with zero help.

I tweeted this ^ over a year ago and was laughed at. I used it as a comparison to all of the idiots who thought the Cavs won the Kyrie Irving trade. Mariota for what it’s worth is having another terrible year (11 TD, 8 INT). Also, Andrew Luck is 10-0 against the Titans in his career and he’s rarely if ever had the better supporting cast.

Are the Colts going to make the playoffs? I know somebody called it.

Just imagine what Andrew Luck will accomplish a year from now with another Chris Ballard Draft class. Another top wide receiver. A real running game. More young players and talented. Luck is completing over 67 percent of his throws. Luck is going to throw for well over 4,000 yards. Luck has a 98.4 passer rating. Most importantly, he’s only getting sacked on 2 percent of his dropbacks. Imagine what his stats will look like heading into year-two healthy with an improved roster? The Indianapolis Colts are the scariest team in the AFC moving forward and it’s because of Andrew Luck. If you’re not jumping on the Andrew Luck bandwagon now then I don’t know what to tell you.

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