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The All-Star Game Needs To Be Fixed By MLB

all-star game

Shohei Ohtani
Isaiah J.Dowing, USA TODAY Sports

The MLB All-Star Game Is Nearly Unwatchable

Every July, the mid-summer classic visits a new city. Baseball fans gather to watch the best baseball players in the world duel in an AL vs NL battle. The All-Star Game is always highlighted by a few names every year, and Shohei Ohtani and Fernado Tatis Jr. were those names this year. As the new faces of the league in their respective conferences, each was easily worthy of their All-Star selection, but this is not always the case for the entire ASG roster.

There needs to be a change in the format of the MLB All-Star game. The first couple innings are always interesting as the stars get their chance to shine, but they are soon replaced by players who are not as good and are not the guys that fans came to see. Imagine the NBA All-Star Game sitting out the All-Star starters the entire second half and only playing the reserves. In baseball’s All-Star Game, however, we watch the superstars get maybe three at-bats before they sit the rest of the game. The fans want to see the best players playing, not just the best player from each team.

Changing The One Player Minimum From Each Team

Change is required. Every year sees undeserving players make the All-Star team because of the rule that one player from every team must make the All-Star roster. Players like Arizona’s Eduardo Escobar come in while having no business being in the game. Granted, he did get a hit, and I suppose it is nice that D’backs fans have something to cheer about, but why should they be rewarded for having the worst record in the league? Escobar was given a spot on the All-Star team despite barely hitting a .250 average.

The MLB be should allow players substituted out of the All-Star Game to re-enter later in the game. Let Tatis Jr. rest in the middle innings and let other players get an at-bat before putting him back in the game in the last few innings so that the superstars are on the field in crunch time rather than the players who just happened to get the opportunity because of a rule. Unfortunately, this seems like an unlikely change to happen, as Rob Manfred has neither the brain nor the balls to step in and push the league in a positive direction.



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