Irv Smith Jr
David Berding/Associated Press

Irv Smith Jr. Says He Plans To Score A Lot In 2021

A new year brings new opportunities for Irv Smith Jr. and he has stated that he is going to make the most of them by scoring a lot in 2021. I cannot necessarily say he is wrong either. I will give you $20 (in monopoly money) if you can name a relevant TE on the Vikings roster other than Smith Jr. Exactly. This was his full quote as provided by ProFootballTalk:

“I have very high expectations, especially for myself,” Smith said. “I don’t want to put an exact number out there because I don’t want to say ‘I’m gonna score 15 touchdowns or however many,’ but it’s gonna be a lot. I’m going to be scoring a lot, making a lot of plays and helping my offense in any way, helping my team. I just want to be able to be a playmaker out there, whether it’s in the run game, pass game, scoring touchdowns, making a key block, whatever it is. I just want to, at the end of the day, win a Super Bowl and have the accolades that I want for myself at the end of the year.”

Smith Jr. split TE targets with Kyle Rudolph last year but with Rudolph now on the Giants, Smith Jr. does not have any apparent competition at the moment. Furthermore, outside Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson, Smith Jr. will not even have competition coming from the wide receivers. This opens up limitless opportunities for him to score a lot as he projected. His fantasy football stock has to be rising right? After having only 30 receptions on 43 targets with 365 yards and 5 TDs last season, Smith Jr. may well double his production in 2021 with the opportunities he will have this season. Will he rise to the challenge? Only time will tell.

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