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All-American Season Six Predictions


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With season six of All-American coming up, let’s make some spicy predictions about the main characters of the show for the upcoming season. (All American Image)

All-American Season Six Predictions

We know Billy Baker won’t be part of season six of All-American after the writers shamefully wrote him off the show. As we wait for season six to release, let’s have a quick chat about some predictions I have for the upcoming season. Feel free to comment if you have any spicy takes below.

  • Olivia Baker

What are we thinking here? Olivia snitches on her family again and then relapses? Does that sound about right? Great… moving on.

Sorry, not done yet.

Do we think her next piece of content will be a podcast episode talking about one of Asher’s deep dark secrets in an attempt to kill his coaching career?

Never forget, her writing career is built on the back of being a snitch. During an entire school calendar, Olivia wrote One article under an alias that she later takes credit for. Yeah, she’s awesome!

  • Spencer James

It’s been a growing theme that Spencer James is somehow the hero. I like to think of Spencer more as the guy that left his dead coach on voicemail and sent Billy Baker to his grave after guilt tripping him for taking the job to coach at Golden Angeles. The same coach that changed his life and helped mentor him. Certainly wouldn’t want that guy as your coach. No, let’s promote the wide receiver coach that’s way over his head and basically lets the players coach the team.

I’m not sure anything can top how dirty Spencer did that girl from the bridal store but I’ll give it a go with an off the wall prediction.

Something bad happens to someone. Spencer gets way too involved because he’s a borderline stalker. Olivia makes a bad decision and he takes the blame. Maybe another scandal at the school that involves Coop’s law class. Does that sound right? They really are perfect for each other, huh?

  • Patience

After basically begging to be shanked, Patience finds a way to survive and complains about how she only has 500k views on a certain video at the age of 19. The shank later in the season doesn’t phase her. She’s more worried about complaining that she only has three people managing her as a teenager. Patience becomes too big time for Layla and bolts only to see it crumble later.

  • Jordan Baker

Man dodged a really bullet not marrying Simone. Talk about an upgrade! Jordan used to be a prick but still kinda is one, but at least matured… slightly. This storyline seems predictable. The thought of getting married is instant eggplant emoji for Jordan so Layla gets a little creeped out. We know that storyline is coming. Jordan already tried to marry that untalented trash bag Simone. Asking two girls to marry you as a teenager is sketchy. It’s going to become a topic.

  • Layla Keating

I feel like Layla is lowkey thriving right now so I don’t want to jinx her. Layla isn’t perfect but I do semi empathize with her. She was really depressed and basically lost both her parents. That’s tough to overcome and now she’s dominating. Layla is a total boss queen that’s rocking her own business even though her dad kinda screwed her over about 600 times.

I don’t have a strong take other than some kind of controversy surrounding the work and love life balance. Just know I’m rooting for her.

  • Asher Adams

Well, Asher is having a kid so I think we know where this is going. We also know it’s the All-American writers. Nobody loves to force a problem more than the All-American writers. What can go wrong will go wrong. Jaymee (I guess it’s somehow spelled like that) already has Lupus so we know this pregnancy is going south even if it’s only for a hot minute.

  • Momma Baker

We kinda got a hint of what’s coming with this one. It sounds like Momma Baker is going back to school to be a professor. She finds her passion in life and starts killing the game. She still misses Billy but we already know that. Someone brings up the idea of dating again and it offends her. Momma Baker later entertains the thought later but nothing super serious materializes.

  • Coop

Coop might be a cancer but at least she’s getting smarter? Is that what we’re going with? I still it comical that Coop is currently trying to get the professor fired that she initially begged to be part of his class. Who knows and who cares. She tries to get Patience back and it works after they both bond over almost losing their life. Is that a thing? The All-American writers will try their hardest to make it a thing.

  • JJ Parker

I think they’re really going with the peaked in high school theme for JJ. At some point, it’s not really that cool to be the biggest party guy. Does JJ have more range than that? I guess we’ll find out eventually.

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