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Alex Cora Bodybags WEEI Over Kevin Plawecki Controversy

Alex Cora
Alex Cora bodybags WEEI over the Kevin Plawecki controversy. WEEI got exposed for trying to make something out of nothing. (Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox. Getty Images)

Alex Cora Bodybags WEEI Over Kevin Plawecki Controversy

With just a few weeks to go in the 2022 MLB regular season, the Boston Red Sox were essentially forced to cut Kevin Plawecki. Rob Manfred sucks and we all know that so I will try not to bore you with the details.

Long story short; Manfred cried poor and forced teams to cut back on their September roster expansion. Instead of being able to give out tryouts to fringe roster players or up-and-coming minor leaguers, you’re now forced to cut bait with a veteran like Plawecki because of roster constraints that simply weren’t existent in the past. In the old days, you could carry as many as you wanted as long as they were on the 40-man for September.

The rule probably needed to change but not to the current degree.

Of course, the bozos in the Boston media had to rush to the airways to crush the Red Sox. I’m talking about WEEI specifically and we all know why. We are not friends anymore.

Cora made an appearance on WEEI as he usually does during the week. Included in that link is the full audio to that interview. However, when specifically asked about Plawecki, my manager put the clown show Boston media in his back pocket.

“I hate that people mention business when you have to make baseball decisions,” Cora said. “The same way we have to move on from (Jeurys) Familia because we needed to see other relievers, at this point we needed to play Reese and Connor more. There’s value too with (Abraham) Almonte staying here, and people don’t see that aspect, right?

“We have Almonte on the roster and (Rob) Refsnyder on the roster, (John) Schreiber on the roster – if you’re a journeyman or a Four-A guy that is looking for an organization that can give you a chance to come to the big leagues, you look at us and they’re like you know what, if you perform and they see a need, they’ll bring you up.

“We love Kevin, I think Kevin is going to be OK, probably sooner rather than later he’s going to be a big leaguer. We appreciate everything he did for us. People have their ideas about timing, all of that. The only thing I can tell you from my end, I remember being with 15-18 people in the clubhouse after the decision was made and we had a few drinks and we talked about last year and this year with Kevin.

“All these things about we’re split up and this, whatever – yeah, people have opinions, but at the end of the day we’re still family, we have a great culture and like I said, we wish Kevin nothing but the best.”

Now that’s a professional answer. Now that keeps the haters real quiet. Take that, WEEI. You look real dumb on this one. Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure we score them at home until you acknowledge the past trangressions. Any injustice that I see, we’re going to make sure others know about it. Don’t make an enemy out of Trey.

Alex Cora 1.


Trust me, the Red Sox deserve to be crushed in certain instances. This is for sure not one of them.

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