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Dan Mennella

(Vendetta Sports Graphics Team)

Hey, Dan Mennella. Go Fuck Yourself. It’s War Time

Dan Mennella
(Vendetta Sports Graphics Team)

Hey, Dan Mennella. Go Fuck Yourself. It’s War Time

Hey, Dan Mennella. Go Fuck yourself. It’s war time… bitch. You messed with the wrong motherfucker and now you’re going to pay the price for it. I would normally say I pity the fool but this time I really don’t. All that asshole had to do was show some respect and this could have all been avoided. Keep that in mind as you follow along on this journey.

I have a theory. Want to hear it? It doesn’t matter because I’m going to tell it anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, I went after Josh Winckowski because he’s dog shit and it was further proof of the horrific job Chaim Bloom is doing in these trades. Winckowski later retweeted the post and immediately got shelled. The Boston sports media field should have ate this story up so I had the social media team tag NESN, NBC Sports Boston, and WEEI.

I can’t fathom how this happened but none of them picked up the story. I’m not sure if WEEI knew who we were before but they knew who we were afterward. I know this because shortly after, WEEI did the unthinkable.

In school we were taught to do a works cited page or else it was called plagiarism. If you did not properly do your works cited page, you failed the paper. No and, ifs, or buts about it. The bottom line is if you screw up your sources, you fail. In the blog world, this is referred to as linking.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about Kellen Mond after he was waived by the Vikings one year after Minnesota picked him in the third round. It was a noteworthy story because that brain dead idiot Chris Simms ranked Mond higher than Justin Fields. It literally doesn’t get dumber and Simms needed to be called out for it.

Bunch of hours later, scumbag Dan Mennella does the exact same story. Want to hear the craziest part? His article contains seven tweets. Not one of them is mine despite the fact that I was the first to properly track the story from start to finish. Not only is it disrespectful but it’s also blatantly stealing a content idea without giving any sort of credit. Last time I checked a big no, no in any form of writing.

Keep in mind, I should have gotten credit for this story anyway. I’m the only draft analyst in America that had the correct opinion on Kellen Mond. He was essentially undraftable which is what I had him pegged as. Rick Spielman lost his job this past year because he did dumb shit like pick Mond in the third round.

I don’t know what more I have to do to earn my proper respect but I’m fucking tired of it. Instead, I’m just going to take it instead. I gave fuck face Dan the chance to do the right thing. He sat there and ignored my threat to go to war. Now that time is here. If you ask me, this dumb fuck deserves everything coming to him.

Hey, Dan Mennella! Go fuck yourself. I sentence you to a life time sentence of being memed to death. The terms are this. If you link my blog to your article, the memes will stop. Until that day comes, you’re getting memed to death every single day until it happens.

Dan Mennella
Dan is going to get memed to death EVERY SINGLE DAY until he links my article. What’s fair is fair. (Vendetta Sports Graphics Team)

Let’s just state another couple obvious points:


WEEI is in deep trouble. They’re on the verge of bankruptcy because their product is shit. The only person with a lick of talent at that company is Lou Merloni (who I absolutely respect). The rest of that place is filled with talentless hacks like fuck face Dan. You know why he stole my article idea? They’re desperate and they know my approach is working.


His article stinks. We’re going to call THAT a blog? There is no humor. Nothing that makes you think or learn. In fact, there is even a sentence that states:

“at least one Twitter user noted, Simms had Mond pegged as the fourth-best quarterback in his class — ahead of Trey Lance and Justin Fields”

What this sentence tells you is that Dan wasn’t even educated on the topic. He didn’t do his homework. He assumed a random Twitter guy was correct and carried on with the rest of his day. That’s not Big J journalism. That’s oh, my company is going bankrupt, I’m desperate, let’s throw shit against the wall and hope it sticks. It’s also a hell of a cover up to deny he saw my article before publishing it.

It’s a great excuse. You can’t fix stupid. Maybe I shouldn’t blame the guy for having rocks for brains. Nah… this guy is an asshole and everybody knows it.


Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Check out his Twitter. Does he have any good takes? Is there any humor? Does Dan bring anything to the table other than having a beard that’s worse than mine? The answer to all of those questions is no. In fact, he will tell you he’s a dropout that isn’t that talented. My question is what gives this asshole the authority to think he’s better than me? What gives this asshole the authority to steal my work and not give me proper credit?

Dan doesn’t want to get in the mud with me. It won’t end well. Unfortunately for him it’s too late and I’m not calling off the dogs until I get my fucking respect.

I’m not playing games. This is full on war. If Dan wants to fight, we can make that happen. I will battle him in virtually any challenge of his choice. Lifetime sentence of being memed to death until fuck face Dan does the right thing. Ignore me again motherfucker and see what happens. This is just the beginning.


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