Al Horford
If Al Horford really wants to be a team player, he will opt out of the NBA restart. Philadelphia has no chance at a title with Horford on the roster. (Cole Burston/Getty Images)

With the NBA getting closer and closer to returning, some players are starting to opt out of playing. Avery Bradley, Victor Oladipo, and Davis Bertans are two notable players who opted to sit out. In the case of Bradley, that’s a loss that really hurts there chances. Will anybody sit out the NBA restart for the Philadelphia 76ers? What if there is someone who should. If Al Horford was a real team player, he would sit out.

Horford, 34, has been a disaster with the 76ers. Someone on the site predicted that but I can’t confirm or deny that it was me. What I can say is that laughing at Horford play basketball has been fun. The former 3rd overall pick from Florida is shooting a career low 44.2 percent and his 3-point percentage is down about 10 percent from two years ago in Boston.

Can we just be honest about this? Horford is just down right worthless. Philadelphia has a +0.3 offensive rating with him on the floor compared to off. Literally a single bad minute on the floor and Horford would have done more harm than good this year on a team with two All-Stars not including Tobias Harris.

This was never going to work. Philadelphia already had spacing issues. Adding Horford into the mix turned him into a jump shooter and a terrible one at that. Nobody wants Horford on this team. If big Al really wants to be a team player, he will just sit out.

The sad part is the 76ers have a chance. They have talent. Stagger Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons as much as possible. If Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson take a step forward they’re dangerous. None of it matters if Horford is playing. You’re better off sending Philly home now. Do the right thing, Al.