AJ Dillon
Could AJ Dillon become a steal in fantasy leagues this year? After a very good rookie season, Dillon for some reason has been forgotten about. (Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

AJ Dillon Could Become A Fantasy Football Steal

A year ago many of us here at Vendetta were worried about Aaron Jones in fantasy a year ago. After picking a big-bodied back like AJ Dillon, it was hard not to be at least a little concerned. It turned out the pendulum swung too far and Jones had a very good fantasy season (as I thank him for helping me win my league last year). What if we were just a year too soon? Dillon could become a fantasy darling in 2021 and nobody is talking about him anymore.

Things are lining up for Dillon to have a sneaky good fantasy season. Of course, it’s hard to envision Green Bay just keeping a second round pick on the side lines for a majority of the game. Jones can very much function as a receiving back so both of them could be on the field at the same time during certain scenarios.

Jamaal Williams is also out of town. Green Bay didn’t just have Williams as an insurance policy. He got a ton of carries with the Packers. That’s 119 carries and 31 receptions gone from the backfield this year. All of which could very easily go to Dillon as he’s next in line.

To say that Dillon was very good as a rookie would probably be a serious understatement. The former Boston College product averaged 5.3 yards per carry on 46 attempts as a rookie. Small sample size but Dillon more than passed the eye test. Coming out of college, I compared Dillon to former Giants tailback, Brandon Jacobs. So far, that comp looks pretty accurate.

Aaron Jones is the RB1 in Green Bay until further notice. I’m not denying that. However, there is an interesting range of possibilities that exist for Dillon. Heading into year two, what if we’re looking at a 50-50 backfield split with Dillon being the guy at the goal line? Dillon is a 250 pound bruiser. They could very well use him in that role. The Packers have also never run Jones into the ground. Jones only had 201 carries a year ago.

AJ Dillon can basically be had for free in fantasy leagues but could wind up being a huge steal. As long as Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback, this should be a very good offense that runs the ball frequently and has leads late in games. Translation: don’t sleep on Dillon.

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