Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones is using AJ Dillon as motivation. He promises to raise his level of play after watching his team draft Dillon in the 2nd round. (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

The Packers pretty much shocked the world with their 2020 NFL Draft class. Their 2nd round selection may have been more surprising than the Jordan Love pick. With Aaron Jones on the roster, what the hell did you need AJ Dillon in the second round for? Especially with Jamaal Williams in house as well.

The Packers starting running back is using it as motivation. Aaron Jones said the arrival of AJ Dillon will only make him raise his game to the next level:

“I know it’s the NFL,” Jones said. “They’re bringing in guys every day to compete so I mean it’s just gonna raise my game and I’m excited to have him there and start working with him, teaching him the playbook and everything.”

Jones, 25, was unbelievable during the 2019 season. 1,084 yards to go along with a 4.6 YPC clip. Oh, and 16 rushing touchdowns! How much better can he actually get? More so than anything, I found myself screaming at the TV to “Free Aaron Jones”. Green Bay just hasn’t made him a workhorse. Dillon’s presence only further solidifies the fact that Green Bay doesn’t want to use him that way.

Jones is a tough one to project heading into 2020. The former UTEP product was RB3 in fantasy last year. Again, that was with Dillon at Boston College, not on the team. Jamaal Williams also missed a good chunk of the year too. I don’t think anybody knows how this backfield is going to shake out. Jones will also be a free agent after this season.

More so than anything, I’m curious to see who gets the work at the goal line. Dillon’s big body makes sense to be used in that role but his style actually is the complete opposite than what you would think. It’s one of the many great stories lines in the NFL and fantasy football.