Aaron Rodgers AJ Dillon
Aaron Rodgers likes the swag of AJ Dillon. After a big Sunday Night game, did Dillon prove his future worth in Green Bay? (Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers Likes The Swag Of AJ Dillon

The Green Bay Packers annihilated the Titans 40-14 on Sunday night football. Aaron Rodgers further solidified his MVP season and AJ Dillon finally burst onto the scene. The latter is an important development as it was starting to feel like the 2020 NFL Draft was a total waste for Green Bay.

Rodgers admitted Dillon’s Week 16 breakout game was HUGE for the organization:

“It was a surprise,” Rodgers said, via Ryan Wood of PackersNews.com. “Not that we didn’t think he could do this, but we just hadn’t seen it. I remember I liked his attitude, I liked you started seeing his swag come out, the confidence. It’s fun to see for a back, and he was bringing it. He was finishing runs the way that he really hasn’t up until this point.”

Dillon was on the COVID list for a good chunk of time slowing his development curve. However, this was never a play for this season. Both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams are free agents after this season. It feels doubtful the Packers bring back both players. Dillon will have a much larger role in 2021.

Dillon was a player I liked during the 2020 NFL Draft. I compared him to former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. Able to carry a big frame while staying light on his feet and somehow having above average speed. After rushing for 124 yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries, the Packers have to feel good about their second round pick out of Boston College.

Dillon isn’t sneaking up on defenses anymore. Green Bay has three legit running back options to go to. The Packers are as dangerous as anybody when postseason play rolls around.