Adam Gase
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Adam Gase doesn’t care much about the Jets losing since he can’t even run a decent practice. However, it was thought that any coach wouldn’t risk running guys out with injuries. That notion was thrown to the wayside last night on Thursday Night Football.

Adam Gase Doesn’t Care About Your Health

First, one of the Jets only promising offensive lineman, Mekhi Becton, was dealing with a shoulder injury. The injury probably would’ve kept him out of a typical Sunday game, let alone on a short week to play the Denver Broncos. The offensive tackle reinjured his shoulder in the first quarter and was in noticeable pain on the sidelines. Then, Sam Darnold, the young QB and the only good piece on that Jets offense, suffered a shoulder injury when he was slammed to the ground by Broncos linebacker Alexander Johnson late in the first quarter. Darnold immediately came out of the game and went to the locker room.

Why was Darnold Allowed to Come Back in This Game

Darnold then came back in the game, which couldn’t have been any worse of a decision. He continued to get battered behind the line, and now Gase is uncertain if Darnold can play next week.

I think anything is on the table right now… I haven’t really had a chance to talk to him in detail, just really when I saw him, it was more about how he felt right now.

Adam Gase via conference call with media

What is this guy doing? Seriously, he puts his franchise QB in harm’s way against a team that was banged up and previously 0-3 starting a backup QB. Gase must be feeling the heat about his job. Those are moves that a head coach would never make, not even coaches on the hot seat. The Jets head coach is the exception as his seat is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit and there’s no water to be found.

Gase’s time is running out in New York. The vultures are hovering, and he’s lost in the desert with no salvation in sight. If the Jets owner, Christopher Johnson, is a shred competent, he’ll get rid of Gase sooner rather than later. Best save Darnold and any other player from this completely inept coach that can’t even protect their health, let alone win games.