Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers hopes to only play for the Pack (Credit: Rick Wood Milwaukee Sentinel)

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was recently a guest on the show ‘Any Given Wednesday’. Bill Simmons, the host of the show on HBO, asked Rodgers one question in particular about players staying with teams for extended periods of time. Did it bother Rodgers that Favre played for other teams instead of just retiring in Green Bay? Well No, but Rodgers did state that he hopes to be a one team athlete.

“You look at two of my favorite players from my sports-watching lifetime: Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant, and now Tim Duncan has just retired,” Rodgers said. “Those are three amazing examples of guy who played the entire time, their legacy I think gets made in those later years, where they have already proven to win championships and be at the top of their game … They stay with the same team, they stick it out. … I think there’s a lot to be said about finishing your legacy with one team. It would be nice if I am able to do that.”

In the NFL things can change rather quickly. It is impossible to predict whether Rodgers will remain a Packer forever. Years ago I could have never seen Favre in a purple Vikings jersey. Rodgers contract runs through 2019.